Thursday, June 25, 2009

God bless you, lady

by Smitty (h/t HotAir)

What a gracious lady. In the face of horrible indignity from Asshat of the Year front-runner Mark Sanford, we have Jenny Sanford:

A quick Google didn't turn up any information on Mark Sanford's height, but, in the face of this kind of righteousness, I'll estimate 2".


  1. hey smitty-
    don't confuse his height with his package...

  2. @Y4E,
    If he's got four sons...

  3. What classy and centered lady. Mark Sanford doesnt deserve her. FWIW - I think she is more physically attractive than the "other woman" too. I dont get it at all.

    I hope (and pray) that he comes to his senses and restores his marriage and his relationship with his children. As for his political career - its over. What a tragic and catasrophic fall.

  4. No question which of the 2 has class and which is an a**

  5. Four sons? I would tease my brother when he had his two girls that you need to go deep for a boy.

    Then I had two girls myself..


    She seems to be a very classy lady.. holding up with the public pressure too.

    She'll recover much faster than Mark ever will.

  6. Absolutely amazing poise. Mrs. Sanford talks about what she alone wants to talk about, and doesn't let any of the reporters paint her into a corner.

    Mark Sanford needs to see a shrink.

  7. She has CLASS-
    he does not!
    Just found your blog..!