Thursday, June 25, 2009

David Frum at New Majority

by Smitty

Bill Whittle interviews Frum, who is certainly articulate and intelligent. Frum is also pitching a web site.
Whittle's chat covers the impact of the Sanford scandal with respect to the 2012 election. There is also much interesting discussion about leadership, or lack thereof, amongst conservatives.
The New Majority website appears slickly designed and well staffed. Note the picture of the original Progressive, Theodore Roosevelt at the top of the page. As Ancient Commenter Solomon might have said of Progressives,
There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof [are] the ways of death. Pro 16:25

While certainly standing for a few good things, e.g. women's sufferage, modern Progressivism seems subverted by the Modern Liberal mindset. In the discussion between the individual and society, Progressives seem to take for granted that the 50 states are moot, and only the Federal government matters.
One wants to hear Frum talk about the 10th Amendment as meaningful, about the 16 Amendment as evil, but he seems to have conceded that we have a centrist government driven by single personalities, rather than 50 States United running on Constitutional principles.
He is articulate, and has a fine understanding of the tactics of the current political situation. I have the same problem with him that I have with Conor Friedersdorf, however: Frum seems to be fighting on ground of enemy choosing, which most winning generals eschew.


  1. I'm starting to think he's just transpoliticaled. He thinks he's a conservative, but really, he's a progressive collectivist.

  2. a few good things, e.g. women's suffrage . . .

    A helluva way to start a list of "good things," sir! I believe Ann Coulter might have a bone to pick with you about that.

  3. This is worth a post? How about some Michael Jackson postings? I heard he od on demorol.

  4. @PCP Smoker:
    The point is to amp up PJTV, which merits support, and offer a thumbs down to the RINO herd.

  5. Culture 11 was dumb and narcisstic, but it didn't spit in the face of conservatives with every single post. NewMajority is just offensive, I could get the same kind of thing on any number of Obamabot websites, but I don't want or need to read that so I don't.

  6. Smitty1e,

    Frum was raised on radical socialism as mainstream thought. He's the son of Barbara Frum of long time CBC propaganda fame. He's so steeped in statist thought, he actually thinks he's a conservative rather than just not quite as misguided as the 'socialists de jour'.


  7. Women's suffrage is probably the single biggest factor for why the United States has lurched leftward over the years. Women are the motherly types. What's more motherly than government?


  8. Might I suggest it is time to now refer to the GOP as PINO? Party in name only? That sucking sound is old members like me telling them to F off. There must be a better way.

  9. "In the discussion between the individual and society"

    Any individual who thinks he's having a "discussion" with "society" needs to get his Risperdal scrip refilled.

  10. I love Whittle but Frum is just a Useful Idiot in my book. He lacks the intellectual firepower and coherence (nevermind the multiple concurrent careers) of Mark Levin and cannot articulate conservatism to us conservatives. He's a wannabe. He considers himself elite and that makes him null and void to us the base.

    Agree with the women's suffrage comments - women's suffrage is the single greatest reason for the enormity, incompetence and totalitarian power of government. Most women love this stuff and it is deadly, as we can see. Women as a group are anti-democracy, anti-liberty and anti-individualism. The same bunch who are so against being men's slaves love being government's slaves. (Some of us are exceptions, especially us former lefties.) But this explains why the Dems are the Mommy Party and why they are for the most part just the ditziest pantywaists and moral cowards alive and yet so dangerous.

  11. The only way that I refer to Frum these days is by using the appellation given him by Jerry Poournelle: The egregious Frum.

  12. Frum, Safire, Brooks, Douthat, - the litany of statist-leaning or "environmentally aware" "conservatives" hired by "progressive" media will know no limit. What these clowns don't want to face is the realization that no matter how accurate their analysis, their statist evaluations render their work null and freakin' useless to those of us in the libertarian and conservative base. Perhaps Bill Whittle will interview all of these clowns as a sort of museum-piece to conservative failure.

    Peg (above) has Frum nailed: "He's a wannabe. He considers himself elite and that makes him null and void to us the base." Absolutely. It's consistent with the statist-conservative phenomenon. Frum, in particular, is a relentless salesman. I stopped reading Frum the day I read his welcome-address to Mark Steyn at NR. It was graceless and offensively narcissistic - a classic Frum piece o' work.

    I have no time to give Frum or his cohorts. Let me toss Rich Lowry and Newt into that mix, though it is perhaps a tad unfair.

    Stacy: "A helluva way to start a list of "good things," sir! I believe Ann Coulter might have a bone to pick with you about that." Yeah. If we know Ann, it'll be yer skull.