Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fred Thompson concerning Mark Sanford

by Smitty

Fred has an .mp3 available here.
He has some interesting points, essentially saying, don't muck about on public time.
Additionally, Fred throws in the tangentially related idea of term limits.
Sanford: eject.

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  1. Term limits sound great, but they're a very bad idea. While the (alledged) people's representation comes and goes, the bureaucracy will remain in place. To keep this argument brief ... the bottom line is ... "we the people" would lose (the little) power we have/had over the bureaucracy, thus hurting ourselves tremendously.

    What we need are more representatives, like our Founders wanted. For example, what "we the people" actually need is to increase the size of the House to about 6,000 members.

    Having such small constituencies would make the politicos more accountable due to their thin margin of error with the electorate. Also, being the kind of guy who thinks we need to be repealing policies and laws, not making more, having that many members in the House would effectively achieve my goal. Why?

    6,000 is too large a number to coerce politically, too large a number for corps/groups/unions/etc to buy policy effectively, and too large a number to get them all to agree on passing 3/4 of the crap they sign into law.

    New Hampshire has a huge House. They also have one of the leanest governments in the union.

    Either "we the people" jump off this "Red Team vs. Blue Team" bandwagon and take our power back ... or we can just get together in our later years to reminesce about the good old days, and all that freedom we (supposedly) cherished.