Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What parents worry about

Today I went upstairs for a cup of coffee and noticed daughter Reagan watching the Disney Channel in rapt attention. When I came back downstairs, I posted a message on Twitter:
My 7yo daughter now watching "Parent Trap" starring young Lindsay Lohan. Considering how Lindsay turned out, should I be worried?

To which question the only answer is, "Of course, you should be worried." Every halfway decent parent perpetually worries about how their kids will turn out. Even though I know my eldest daughter -- recently engaged to the Argentine Romeo -- watched and re-watched her VHS of The Parent Trap when she was about 10 without succumbing to moral corruption, I still worry about her baby sister.

My wife is worried about how we'll pay for the eldest's wedding, while I'm worried about whether the Pasadena trip will result in financial disaster. So, despite accusations of "whining," I'm still rattling the tip jar -- $5 or $10 might help soothe the parental jitters. Being a Dad is scary, when you consider that tabloid-trashy Lindsay Lohan (who has apparently rejoined the hetero squad and is on Twitter, BTW) was once so sweet and innocent:

P.S.: The photo at the top was found on a blog post by journalist Daniel Lehman:
Ask a Casting Director: What advice do you have for parents of child actors?
My answer: Don't let them become child actors! Your kid might turn out to be the next Lindsay Lohan or -- Heaven forbid -- Danny Bonaduce. (My 11-year-old redheaded son plays drums. That's got to be worth $20 in worry.)


  1. Ahem, Mr. former high school red headed slacker stoner, turned conservative crusader,--Danny Bonaduce was screwed up by a very creepy abusive father, young Danny actually gained a little bit of stability on the Partridge Family thanks to Shirley Jones and the guy who played Ruben Kincade looking out for him, and after some embarassing stumbles (do not pick up hookers on Sunset Boulevard, they might not be what you think they are), is now a conservative who has no problem criticizing the left.

    A red head could turn out worse.

  2. For the honor of Danny Bonaduce, who I have to say was a wise ass hero (in his limited wise ass Partridge Family way) to all us slacker stoner trouble makers in grammar school of that era, I am going to hit your tip jar.

    And I must admit I was torn between crushes on Laurie Partridge and Marsha Brady, but in my heart of hearts I have to say Laurie was hotter. But not as hot as Ginger and Maryann, but I digress...

    But what is with all the red head activity? Heck, even Maureen Dowd made some sense totday. Perhaps you can round her and Danny up to join you in Lincoln City, Oregon. Perhaps you can track down Ginger too.