Monday, December 28, 2009

'2009' out, '2010' in

by Smitty

JibJab gets their Scott Joplin on, with hilarious results (h/t Political Byline):

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Don't forget to support Scott Brown for Senate, if you live in Mass. That 19Jan election for Chappaquiddick Ted's Senate seat could prove lively, if the State that started the Revolution cares to remember its bona fides.

Immediately following will be the State of the Union address. Stay tuned to this blog. We'll echo any protest word we hear.

After that, the next major outing of which I'm aware will be the Tea Party Express III, which culminates in Washington DC on Tax Day.

Yeah. Heck yeah.


  1. "Don't forget to support Scott Brown for Senate, if you live in Mass."

    Only if you hate America and freedom.

    If you love America and freedom, you'll support Joe Kennedy.

  2. @Kn@ppster,
    Thanks for the Joe Kennedy link.
    I'll admit to having an "I hate dynastic politics" twinge, but we shouldn't profile a candidate bases upon their name, no?

  3. Smitty,

    Actually, an aversion to "Joe Kennedy from Massachusetts" is pretty natural, not really "profiling."

    As it happens, though, this Kennedy isn't related to those Kennedys, or at least not closely enough to know them or be part of the "clan." He's a libertarian and a member of the Libertarian Party, but appears on the ballot as an independent.

    I won't be terribly surprised if he outpolls Scott Brown. I will be surprised (pleasantly) if he outpolls Coakley.

    Steve Brown looks fairly decent for a Republican ... but he is a Republican, and there's just no getting around it. Can't vote for America by voting for an anti-America party.