Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Advice to Juicebox Mafia: surrender

by Smitty

Uncle Jimbo is not your natural enemy. Rather, he is somebody you want to befriend, carry a notebook whenever he condescends to share space with you, and take take copious notes the whole time. Jimbo introduces the JM (adding some formatting):
The Juicebox Mafia is a bunch of young, liberal pundits so-named by Eli Lake of the Wash Times including
  • Ezra Klein,
  • Spencer Ackerman,
  • Matthew Why-Glesias[sic] and
  • today's target Tim Fernholz.
I know a couple of them now and have proffered a challenge to debate a number of issues i.e. The Socialization of the America. I have received an acceptance of the gauntlet, and will advise as to a time and place for the inaugural debate between the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy & the Juicebox Mafia.
Uncle Jimbo's inaugural bludgeoning is: "Kill the filibuster".

Rule 4 at its finest. About the only thing Uncle Jimbo doesn't do is estimate the number of years (I'll say 20) between the time they remove the filibuster and the US Senate, like the Roman Senate after Julius Caesar, devolves into a mere decoration, like a hot water faucet in a third-world country.

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