Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bristol Palin seeks full custody;
no comment from 'Ricky Hollywood'

Juicy details about Levi "Sex on Skates" Johnston:
Relations between the Palins and Johnston and his family have frequently been strained since the couple broke off their engagement after their son was born in late December 2008.
Johnston denies in court documents that he has avoided his responsibilities. He is seeking shared custody. . . .
Bristol Palin's custody petition calls Johnston's recent nude photo shoot with Playgirl magazine "risque."
The document also notes that Levi's mother, Sherry Johnston, should not be allowed unsupervised visits with the baby following her drug arrest. Sherry Johnston, who is serving out most of her three-year sentence under home confinement, was sentenced last month on a guilty plea to one count of possession with intent to deliver the painkiller OxyContin.
Palin's custody petition also suggested Levi Johnston may have his own issues with substance abuse, saying he made statements about seeking "weed" on Twitter.
Johnston denies making such a statement, saying the Twitter account "is a fraud" and that he doesn't have an account on the popular online social networking site.
Hey, Bristol, look on the bright side: At least Levi didn't put a knife to your throat. Yet. In a related development, Andrew Sullivan is reportedly seeking custody of Sarah Palin's uterus.

Speaking of gay, if Bristol gets custody, will the judge be investigated for homophobic bias? After all, Levi is so proud to be a gay icon.


  1. Johnston: I can just imagine all the cameras that are going to be there – it's going to be crazy


    the money quotes from the article:
    Johnston said he recognised that taking the legal road would be hard. "It's going to be a tough battle. Basically, it's down to who has the better lawyer. I can just imagine all the cameras that are going to be there – it's going to be crazy," he said.

    another one:
    Johnston admitted to the Guardian that comments he made to Vanity Fair and other outlets calling Palin a distant mother and a political hypocrite were partly made in retaliation. "If they had let me see my kid, I wouldn't have done any of that."

  2. There is a very simple rule to life, actually a truism.

    You can never trust a man who does not have hair on his chest.

    Too bad no one told Bristol that.

  3. Golly gee! If the proceedings are closed, the sperm donor won't be able to pose for the cameras!

    His activities since the breakup should seal the deal for the judge, don't you think?

  4. What a troll! I often wonder if this guy is a put-up by Sully?!

  5. I have a hard time reading between the lines on the judge's decisions here to unseal the documents and make this case a public one. In almost any other case the judge would have kept the case sealed to protect both parents and the child.

    On the one hand, one could conclude that the judge was acting politically here wanting to harm Sarah Palin, and seek publicity for themselves (ie. to become another Judge Ito).

    On the other hand, the judge after reading the preliminary documents may believes he/she is likely to award sole custody to Bristol and wants to ensure that that this decision receives public support by exposing Levi and his attorney's slimy activities publicly.

    Only time will tell what the motive of the judge was in make this a public case. It is interesting to note that it was Bristol who brought the case to court in early November - and not Levi, as he had been threatening to do.

    I doubt if Levi would ever have brought a custody case. Because in all likelyhood a judicial decision on this matter - one way or the other - will impose binding court restraining orders on both parties to STFU. If this happens, Levi will have to start working for a living as he will no longer be allowed to earn money by bad mouthing the Palins in the media. A similar restraining order was placed on Jon Gosselin by the courts which has reduced his earning powers.

    Therefore, it appears to me that the Palins took this action preemptively to resolve this issue and shut Levi up for once and fo all.