Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A. They spent everything trying to put in the fix for Charlie Crist in Florida

Q. Where is the national GOP in the Massachusetts special election?

Well, supposing Ed Morrissey actually wanted an answer to his question, it's obvious enough: The national GOP only spends money in an election when the party establishment sees a Dede Scozzafava-type opportunity to screw over conservatives.

If Scott Brown were a corrupt closet homosexual running against a pro-life conservative with grassroots support, John Cornyn would spend every cent in the NRSC budget in an effort to defeat the conservative.


UPDATE: Leo Pusateri at Blogs for Victory says:
Having just gotten off a blogger conference call with Mr. Brown, I can categorically state that Brown denies any lack of support for his campaign by the RNC. . . .
It would appear that the story from the Boston Herald was designed not to report on the status of, but rather to outright sabotage the momentum of Brown’s Senate campaign.
Pusateri says give directly to Scott Brown's campaign, and who can argue with that?

UPDATE II: Professor William Jacobson details the strong blogger support for Brown.


  1. Maybe it's not too late. Mass has got to have some decent "bars" to be "spotted" in, right? Or what's the latest "secret signal" haircut.

  2. "Pusateri says give directly to Scott Brown's campaign, and who can argue with that?"

    Anyone who loves America and freedom, of course.

    The pro-America, pro-freedom candidate in the Massachusetts election for US Senate is Joe Kennedy, a Libertarian running as an Independent. Any other vote is a vote for Osama bin Laden, Charles Johnson and the infield fly rule.

  3. I am not so grumpy about the RNC being AWOL, because I EXPECT them to be inept. Conversely, I am feeling a bit wistful about a certain beautiful Alaskan's silence about Mr. Brown's candidacy. Could you imagine how a Palin endorsement would rock the political world?

  4. Brown's sexual orientation is open to interpretation for some.


  5. Steve, good point about how a Sarah Palin endorsement may open the floodgates for Mr. Brown. But, as a conservative and Republican, this is what drives me insane about my party. They give up. Why? Scott Brown can win this election. If the United States is in the same funk as 1980 AND 1994 combined, then Michael Steele and the RNC should be in Massachusetts as we speak GOTV for Scott Brown. Stop with the "we can't win in Massachusetts" crap! It never stops the Dems from trying everywhere and anywhere to win. Until the GOP gets that, great oppertunities such as this will slip through our hands and they will wonder why Tea Party folks, and I consider myself one, can not pull the lever for the GOP.

  6. KN@ppster: a vote for Joe Kennedy is a vote for Martha Coakley.

    In a perfect world (or at least one with instant run-off voting), I would consider voting for Kennedy. This isn't a perfect world, though, and our choices are between a guy who has a conservative who has a snowball's chance in Arizona in winning and a conservative who has a snowball's chance in Hell of winning.

    If Kennedy really gave a crap, he wouldn't run as a spoiler. If Coakley loses, it's going to be a squeaker of a race that will make the GOP victory in New Jersey look like a landslide.

    Vote for Brown. Basic common sense, people.

  7. You kind of half expect them to fumble the ball, no surprise there, also the story is 'fake but accurate' they ponied up 50K

  8. "a vote for Joe Kennedy is a vote for Martha Coakley."

    No, it's a vote for Joe Kennedy.

    Like Edmund Burke said, all that is necessary for evil to triumph is to convince people that there's a real difference between Democrats and Republicans. Or something like that.

  9. I contributed directly to the Brown campaign. Sent him $9.12. Wonder if anyone there will figure it out?

  10. I'm actually happy about Joe Kennedy's candidacy in this race. There are enough ignorant voters out there (especially in liberal Massachusetts) who might vote for Kennedy, believing him to be one of those Kennedys, to cause him to peel away votes from Martha Coakley.

  11. It is the bloggers who can make a difference.

    What was the worst case that Martha Coakley tried to prosecute, and in the end made her a laughing stock? Hint - has to do with child molestation that did not happen.

    If bloggers got busy bringing up the issues relating to that case, then that would be a reminder to people in Massachusetts that this woman is not a suitable representative.

    Also, Massachusetts health care has not been a great success. If that is the case it needs to be played up.... to the advantage of Brown.