Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Because there are no coincidences

No sooner had I used a homecoming queen's friendly C-cup smile as a political metaphor than the bodaciously curvaceous Samantha of Day-by-Day makes a not-entirely-unrelated point. And at the same time we behold Shelby Steele touching, as it were, the hem of a garment that is not there:
America's primary race problem today is our new "sophistication" around racial matters. Political correctness is a compendium of sophistications in which we join ourselves to obvious falsehoods ("diversity") and refuse to see obvious realities (the irrelevance of diversity to minority development). I would argue further that Barack Obama's election to the presidency of the United States was essentially an American sophistication, a national exercise in seeing what was not there and a refusal to see what was there—all to escape the stigma not of stupidity but of racism.
Barack Obama, elegant and professorially articulate, was an invitation to sophistication that America simply could not bring itself to turn down. . . .
You should read the whole thing and also visit Day by Day, where Samantha has been known occasionally to appear as naked as the emperor in his new clothes. (Don't hate Samantha. It's not her fault she's as melanin-deficient as Molly Ringwald. Or, uh, Lindsay Lohan.)


  1. Can cartoon redheads go to Lincoln City? I guess that would apply to Lindsay Lohan and Samantha.

    So they can join up with you, Danny Bonaduce, Maureen Dowd, Ginger, Molly Ringwald. That red head conservative on Desperate Housewives (is that show still on?). Did I miss anyone?

  2. ConantheCimmerian said...

    Is the copy and paste somehow disabled for comments or am I just an computer idiot?

  3. Samantha is a C-cup?