Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Year in Review: January

Looking back through the archives, I note that this annus horriblis began with the sad realization that we were going to have to get used to saying those three dreadful words: Senator Al Franken. Which, of course, prompts three more words: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Exactly what is wrong with the Republican Party that it can't even beat a clown like Franken? I attempted to answer that question in a long post titled, "Fear and Loathing: Sarah Palin and the Conservative Intellectuals":
Just as the conservative intellectuals once projected their hopes onto Dubya, now they project their disappointments onto Sarah. But the fault is theirs, not hers.

It is a very long post, but I think it got to the nub of some very important issues that are fundamental to understanding how the GOP reached its ebb in 2008. Some other highlights and lowlights of the month:

You see, then, that January was in some ways a precursor of much that was to come in the months ahead.


  1. Darleen is on a roll.

    Especially with pointing out something I missed listening to Mark Steyn filling in for Rush today---Steyn is calling our Homeland Security leader Janet Imcompetano! Funny except this fool and her boss are going to get a lot of people killed.

  2. Conor Friedersdorf

    I used to read a Claremont site called "No Left Turns", until I discovered that the people there regarded Conor Friedersdorf as a conservative. The man makes David Frum look like Edmund Burke.

  3. Janet Incompetano is just feining stupidity :

    The Transportation Security Administration did little to explain the rules. And that inconsistency might well have been deliberate: What's confusing to passengers is also confusing to potential terrorists.

    "It keeps them guessing," transportation expert Joseph Schwieterman said.


  4. The terrorist was sad? Well that explains everything. We should let him go because being sad is obviously an affirmative defense to any crime.

    I am glad that is clearned up. We need to seriously combat sadness amongst teens and young adults.

  5. I didn't get no fancy ivy league schoolin' in them dead languages, so to me Annus Horribilus sounds like a bad case of hemorrhoids.

    Annus Horribilus and Al Franken are two things I naturally associate, Franken being a hemorrhoid on the American Body Politic.