Monday, December 28, 2009

Adventures of the Anti-Semitism Czar

Actually, Hannah Rosenthal is the Anti-Anti-Semitism Czar, according to Jeffrey Goldberg, who finds himself squabbling with Atlantic Monthly colleague Andrew Sullivan:
Why is an American diplomat criticizing a foreign ambassador for his choice of speaking engagements in America? I asked three people who currently work in the State Department if they could recall an instance in which an official of their department ever criticized a foreign ambassador for such a thing -- or for anything -- and they said no. In fact, the State Department is fairly upset at Rosenthal for speaking at all about the alleged political proclivities of a foreign ambassador, not about her specific criticism.
What this is about: Barely a month after being appointed to a State Department post, Rosenthal slammed Israeli ambassador Michael Oren for turning down an invitation to speak to the liberal Jewish group J Street.

Why Sully stuck his nose into this argument: ?????

My suggestion to Jeffrey Goldberg: Ignore Sully. It's a lot easier than you may think.

UPDATE: Sammy at Yid With Lid has background on the Rosenthal dust-up. Anybody surprised to learn that J Street got its start with funding from . . . George Soros?


  1. RS,

    It's simple. Just like Fareed Zakharia, Sully is an ex-pat with Ivy degrees, and because they Sully and Zakharia have Ivies and hate Bush and Palin, they are free to express their hatred of Israel.

    Note how many people hated Bush and Palin also hate Israel. Very "Progressive,"

  2. why does "sully" even come up in conversation?

  3. It is a good thing Sarah Palin is not Jewish or Andrew Sullivan would really really hate her.

    Oh oh, she had that Israeli flag in her office. I forgot about that. And she is one of those Christianist Zionists. That makes Andrew very very angry.