Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pasadena, Here I Come!

Just booked my flight to cover next week's BCS Championship Game between the No. 1 Alabama Crimson Tide and whatever second-rate outfit they've scheduled as 'Bama's opponent at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

My request for media credentials is still being processed, but I'm sure Gina and Stephanie in the Rose Bowl press relations office will understand the publicity value of my presence at this event, providing neutral objective coverage of the Tide's glorious triumph.

Talked to Donald Douglas of American Power blog about my travel plans, and I understand Little Miss Attila may also be interested in hanging out in Pasadena next week. I haven't booked a hotel yet, so L.A.-area readers interested in having a notorious blogger sleep on your sofa should be sure to drop me an e-mail.

UPDATE: The Tide will be practicing at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, which is 52 miles from the Burbank Airport, a 2-hour drive in traffic. So figuring 100 miles round-trip at 20 cents per mile, that's $20 for me to go hang out with the team (and the cheerleaders).

That doesn't include the $7 pack of smokes and coffee (4 cups at $2 per cup = $8) I'll consume on that trip, not to mention $55 a day for a rental car. Just called a hotel in Costa Mesa, and it's $139.40 (including tax) for one night. So if you haven't hit the tip jar yet, here's your chance. Roll Tide!


  1. You know where to find me. I'd email you, but it's not like you answer those.

    I'd be happy to meet with you and Baldi, natch.

    (Burbank to Costa Mesa?--Yipes. Good luck.)

  2. I've sent RSM $20. Make him buy you a drink after Alabama loses the game. Or even if they don't.

    Geez. One of these days, I'm going to have to register with someone who is accepted here. This "Anonymous" stuff is getting old.


  3. This "Anonymous" stuff is getting old.

    Don't worry, Jeff, your secret is safe with me. It would be un-Christian of me to publish the home address of a Notre Dame fan who lives in Arkansas.

    Witness: Man Tortured, Forced
    To Yell, 'Go, Pig, Sooey!';
    FBI Launches Hate-Crime Probe

  4. That'd be "Woo-Pig, Sooey!", actually. And I can do that if I have to. Protective coloration, and it's kind'a fun, when they are playing Alabama.

    The frightening part about it all is that I'm not even Catholic. (Missionary Baptist, actually.)

    Whatever....My son is a Miami Hurricane fan,(Lord knows why!) and since the '92 game, he has referred to Alabama as "The Team That Shall Not Be Named."

    He doesn't even hate B.C. that badly.

    And he's a real live Journalist, so I figure that his opinion must count for something, so I'll go with him and root against Alabama.

    Besides that, I've at least lived in Texas, and would go back in a New York minute if I could find someone who would pay me what I make here.


  5. Government increases taxes on smokes = RS McCain asks for more tips, perhaps a partnership to not just control the blogosphere, but the world?

  6. What I appreciate the most is the commitment to McCainism on display. Specifically, showing up a week too late to see Oregon play. Bravo, sir. ;)

  7. Woo-Pig Sooey?!?!?

    Good Lord...

    Yes, I wrote a blurb about you.

    Just get this game over with.. tired of reading about you whining about going... yeeesh...

  8. That's at least three drinks you owe me, McCain.

  9. And, BTW, I don't drink cheap gin.

  10. Is No Sheeples included in the press credentials? It would be cruek and unusual punishment to leave her out of the exccitement.

  11. War Damn Eagle


    Hook'em Horns!