Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tea Party Express official says liberal media used TPM's 'totally bogus story'

E-mail from Joe Wierzbicki of the Tea Party Express:
What's disgusting about the TPM Muckracker hit on us is that it's a totally bogus story - and the author knows it.
The $800,000 they cite was NOT paid to Russo Marsh + Associates. The vast majority of that money was to reimburse Russo Marsh + Associates for the efforts where we fronted the money in our capacity as the organizers of the Tea Party Express. . . .
And then Rachel Maddow of MSNBC last night (and the CBS blog, and dozens of other liberal blogs) have run with the story. I'm not sure how much these people in the secondary chain of this viral promotion understand that their advancing a bogus story. Maybe some of them do and they don't care.
What seems obvious is that the only reason someone would advance a bogus story like this if they knew it to be bogus, would solely be to try to take a shot at the tea party movement in general, and smear the Tea Party Express in particular. . . .
Read the rest at The American Spectator.


  1. Funny... I got a form email, "insert name here" placeholders and all, as a comment to two of my posts today. The emails were a regurgitation of the TPM story.

    I canned them like the spam they were.

  2. What's disgusting is that you're right -- this isn't a scandal. It's just business as usual for an opportunist Republican Party that quickly moves to co-opt any movement for smaller government and more freedom and convert it into a GOP pep rally / spam mill. The Tea Party "movement" has pretty much become the MoveOn of the right.

    There may still be some local Tea Party organizations that continue to run on the original impulse, but here in St. Louis it has become all GOP bullshit all the time. Bill Hennessy, the local "tea party coordinator" is constantly filling my inbox with appeals for money for the usual big-government Repugnican candidates for office.

    Can't say its surprising, but its certainly disgusting. I feel sorry for all those who were, and especially those who continue to be, fooled.