Thursday, July 9, 2009

Whose America?

"In Andrew Sullivan's America, if you never went to the Ivies, then you shouldn't run for office or be in public life. After all, he went to Oxford and Harvard, so he knows better than you in your hometown."


  1. If we are to have government, then the positions of government should be staffed by those who are best able to carry out the duties of those positions. Unfortunately, that's not your average Joe Plumber on the street. The best and able are generally the elitist assholes from expensive private universities, or at least those individuals who maintained high GPAs at less-prestigious schools.

    Any society, any business, any organization requires an elite, a natural aristocracy which oversees the functions of the whole.

    The elite can come from any population. But they are unlike the "population," or as Ortega y Gasset would call it, the "mass" or "multitude."

  2. I wish that Andrew f***ing Sullivan would shut his f***king mouth from time to time.

  3. Plus, he's a fellow Brit, which only means that he's an even bigger a**hole than I previously thought.

    *tt*, embarrassing me like that.

    And the college that he attended at Oxford is well-known for being crap.

  4. Better than...

  5. Not to be rude, but I feel like this comment would have more credibility if "then" was spelled as "than."

  6. I come from an Ivy, many years ago, and two of my kids are also Ivy, and all of us support the Constitution of the USA just as it is written and intended to mean, and thankful for it.

    There were plenty of nitwits in Ivys of my day and plenty more before and since. We have suffered from their vagaries for decades. The worst of the lot seek and rise in government and entertainment ("news"). I knew lots of them, did not associate with them, but knew them. They were of no better character than the soi-disant "2% Club" of my high school, which, while public, was comparable to an Ivy Prep in standards and product.

    I wonder that this individual calling himself Andrew Sullivan receives the attention he does. Does not that attention raise him in the esteem of his employer? Isn't he queer?

  7. Clinton, Bushes (plural), FDR are examples of Presidents with Ivy Degrees. I care for none of them! Ronnie went to a small unknown school. To me he is far better than the men I opened with.

    an old exHarhead
    Cerritos, Cal

  8. The best and able elites from a meritocracy would be the most ideal candidates to run our government.

    Unfortunately, we are not getting those. It seems to be that we are getting second and third string legacy Ivy twits, majoring in underwater basket weaving.

    Any system can be gamed, our system of governance is no exception.

  9. @Will,
    Keep in mind that sometimes a typo such as that can be deliberate.

  10. If the best and the brightest of the Ivy's have all produced the Bushes, Clinton, Obama, Kerry, that's more of a resume stain than enhancement anymore.

    At the end of the day, it's just a piece of paper. Not really better than any other university.

  11. Wisdom is the principal thing.

    Wisdom would do virtually nothing that Obama or Krugman proposes. Only the intellectual elite would do those things.

    The problem? Wisdom makes things come out right and the other way turns into a calamity.

  12. This would indeed be a sharp and insightful quote... except that Andrew Sullivan never said anything like this. He never said that you have to go to an Ivy League school in order to run for office. He has never said anything that even vaguely approximates such a thing.

    The problem? You've now sunk to the level to presenting a random blogger's opinion as being fact, which is all that this post consists of. If you want to attack Sullivan, how about doing some -- um, you know -- actual journalistic work? If Sullivan ever said anything even remotely like this, then do the work and dig up the quote.

  13. Wow, Cody. What an endorsement for 'the Best and the Brightest'. And that was sarcastic, you know.

  14. The blogger that you cited is barely coherent, and imputed or fabricated Sullivan's sentiment regarding the qualifications to hold higher office. As someone who graduated from a non-Ivy League college, I'd like to point out that we, the great unwashed, don't appreciate Sarah Palin's underachievement, idiocy, and mendacity any more than the most esteemed Harvard grad would.

  15. @Anonymous @2:04PM,

    A) Nice to show who you are -- what do you need to hide from? Are you from The Atlantic magazine? C'mon don't be shy. We all know that reporters and columnists don't like being reported on. Case in point: The non-reaction I got from the Atlantic magazine yesterday. If you want the public to be informed, engage with them.

    and 2) Ever hear the term "Actions speak louder then words?" Now, Sullivan did not actually have to write those words, but those attacks on Palin (after the election) sure convinced this random, politically active Blogger.

    Don't like the insinuation? Don't prove my case. She is resigning and he is still attacking, what happened to the Roman catholic belief in "loving thy enemies?"

    If Sullivan wants to change my mind, I have an email and a Blog -- prove anything I said was wrong. He might believe in "the fishers of men," but from his actions in the Blogosphere, I don't think her cares for actual, humble fisherman, such as the Palins.

    Class status and all