Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson died like he lived

Like a punk.

Let's face it, people: He did not die like Tupac or Biggie. He didn't die like Sam Cooke. Michael Jackson's death is not a "tragedy," as the idiots on TV insist on calling it.

He died like a plastic-surgery addled pedophile freak. He orchestrated a sham wedding with a foul-mouthed slattern whom he paid to bear test-tube children biologically unrelated to either of them. He built a bizarro fantasyland home and used it to attract the little boys he molested. He wasted gazillions of dollars on shopping sprees that would make Liberace blush, and died bankrupt.

He is unworthy of remembrance, and anyone sucked into this televised vortex of fake mourning is a fool.

Also, my traffic has been down ever since this mawkish memorial service began, and I can't forgive that.

UPDATE 2:40 p.m.: Brooke Shield is now getting goopy on live TV. What a waste.


  1. Go with the flow. "Michael Jackson stamps" got me a bunch of hits, along with posting Weird Al's "Fat" video.
    Besides, Michael Jackson probably never thought about Carrie Prejean nude.

  2. Goonrush of maddened MJ idolators in 3...2...1...

  3. I turned on Fox to get some news and it's nothing but this spectacle -- AAAARRRRGGGG!!!!


  4. looks like you got sucked in you wrote about it.

  5. It is important, because Anderson Cooper tells us the news, the news we need to know, the news that keeps us alive, the news that helps us to make our decisions, the decisions that affect our lives so so so deeply and importantly, and we get so much help from Anderson in keeping us alive and breathing.

  6. MJ: total asshole of the highest order. A no-talent faggot that wasted his life, and ruined other's. With the platform he had, think of the good he could have done. Just pick a charity, or a principle, and he could have made an enormous impact on the world. Instead, he cut himself into freakdom, molested children, abused staff, disenfranchised his own race, and died like a junkie. Pathetic.

    And that's sugar-coating how I feel.

  7. Talent is not substitute for character. Ditto for Steve McNair

  8. Funny how Human Nature was writting by Steve Porcaro...from the evil TOTO!!!

  9. Stacy, unless he died in the flower of youth, if you know what I mean and I think you do, he didn't die as he lived.

  10. Hi Robert: Glad I found your blog.
    I've been disgusted with the media circus since this jerk died. What a waste of time, like he actually had a hit in 10 years.

    He is everything you wrote, we all know what a sick, psycho pervert he was. Drug addled nutjob. Did you see the "extra" interview yesterday with one of his Rev.'s who said he thought he might have OD'd on purpose...aka
    SUICIDE! You think that will come out, I doubt it. It makes sense, he wanted to go out on top, selling out all those UK shows, that he couldn't do. I think he OD'd too. He should have done it 25 yrs ago.

    All the media attention is hiding what a daily mess Obummer is making. It will never end!

  11. you such a porn addict!