Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How to make foreign policy interesting?

Cleavage-baring underwear photos may not actually make me read your foreign-policy blog. Such photos will, however, greatly increase the likelihood of my linking your foreign-policy blog.

None of this, however, will actually make foreign policy interesting. It is by nature a dull subject. If we aren't bombing or invading another country, and they aren't bombing or invading us, then it's really just diplomacy, isn't it?

I'm trying to think of something that bores me more than diplomacy. Margaret Carlson is on MSNBC right now, talking to Keith Olbermann. Carlson is more boring than diplomacy, but Olbermann is more interesting, if only slightly so.

But the underwear/cleavage thing -- that's interesting.


  1. On the other hand, I don't even want to contemplate anything of Olbermann's that might in any way constitute cleavage.

  2. Kill all Persians. No. Wait. Kill all Bad Persians. Wait again. Do we have missile which only kill Bad Persians?

    Fuck it. Kill all Persians!

  3. Even though foreign policy has always been my bailiwick, I must admit to having my eyes glaze over too many times while reading up on the subject. Besides, this field seems to attract some of the greatest bores ever born of womankind and I have long thought that a tactical nuclear device dropped directly on the Department Of State would be a good thing [Damn'ed weenies all]. However, I will become a regular visitor to this site--at the end of the day, as the first cocktail is enjoyed and all is right with the world for a few hours. Thanks RSM.

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