Thursday, July 9, 2009

God Bless America!

Recession or no recession, the show must go on:
Fireworks can be crucial for local economies. Fireworks companies commission thousands of seasonal technicians every summer, and fireworks displays draw people to area restaurants and hotels. That's why, when La Jolla, Calif., resident Adam Harris heard that local restaurateur George Hauer -- who had paid for the town's annual fireworks for 25 years -- would no longer support the tradition, Harris founded to solicit donations from the township's residents and cove-side businesses. "It was silly to think that we couldn't raise money for something that people love so much," Harris says. Harris's group raised $40,000 -- $13,000 more than the $27,000 needed for the show to go on -- in just four days.
Fireworks as economic stimulus -- I like it!

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