Sunday, July 5, 2009

Precedent, Rhetorican: precedent

by Smitty

There is some noise about the nuclear arms negotiators short-circuiting Senate confirmation in their negotiations with Russia.
The Smith guess is that this is a stalking horse for something even less palatable...
I do hope I'm wrong.


  1. Not the Law of the Sea Treaty! But that will eliminate my opportunity to make my fortune in Offshore Medical Centers!

    Man alive, once Il Duce and the fascists on both sides of the aisle are out of office, America will have a lot of laws to repeal!

    Busy busy busy!

  2. SteveBrooklineMASun Jul 05, 06:41:00 PM

    I do like this quote

    'Samore said administration lawyers are exploring the "different options that are available. One option is that both sides could agree to continue the inspections by executive agreement; that would work on our side. On the Russian side, as I understand it, that would require Duma approval."'

    How quaint that in Russia treaties require legislative approval! Thank heavens we don't have that here anymore.