Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fortunately, My Jaw Rebounded Admirably

by Smitty

It is time for the weekly Full Metal Jacket Reach Around. In the spirit of Buffet (Jimmy, not Warren) we try to take time off just to try and recall the whole week. Our country's collective slouch towards Hopeychangereich is rarely uplifting and never boring. To work:
For starters, Honduras remains a foreign policy train wreck for the US.
  • Carolyn Tackett goes there, likening the legitimacy of Zelaya to Chavez, Castro, Noriega and...Franken
  • Fausta, who is among the best English-language blogs on the topic, honored us with a link for the Senator DeMint clip.
  • No Oil For Pacifists liked the DeMint clip, and offered some excellent Miguel Estrada opinion.
  • Paco has some, AFAICT, exclusive video of Zelaya's attempts at repatriation. At least the earlier ones.

The Economy continues to defy all attempts at anything but gallows humor.
  • The Daley Gator picked up on Cloward-Piven, and thankfully missed the imagery that came to some with the use of the phrase "Stimulate the GOP".
  • Paco's notion of stimulus was more Metallica than I would have gone, but he did link to this blog's observation of the Democratic Party as a criminal enterprise.
  • Fishersville Mike knows the mantra: "It's all Bush's fault. It's all Bush's fault."
  • Jeffords amplifies the Zimbabwe analysis. Because we have sinned, and fallen short of the glory of ____. The wages of sin is a Zimbabwian economy, but the gift of Barack is good teleprompter. So we got that goin' for us.
  • Cynthia has a well-done photoshop highlighting our POTUS the outdoorsman.

She Whom The Left Can Handle As Well As The Truth:
  • The Astute Blogger notes something no one else has about the Palin announcement.
  • Rhetorican led off with the DNC reaction.
  • Deuce the Skepticrats thinks I'm dreaming and complains about his screwed up blog. Nearly narcissistic enough for POTUS, that one. ;)
  • Troglopundit requires self-censorship.
  • Paco tried not to speculate, but proved goadable.
  • Chance at rightofcourse had astute observations.
  • The Blogprof has a roundup of video clips, and covered the Ace-Stacy back-and-forth last week.
  • Little Miss Attila took a moment to referee the match.
  • As did KURU lounge.
  • Nice Deb was early with the clips.
  • Radmisto juxtaposed RSM and El Rushbo and gave the nod to RSM. Score.
  • The Conservative Political Report had a decent early roundup.
  • Thankfully, Jimmie doesn't consider me a Helpy Helperperson about the GOP's woes.
  • The Cranky Conservative weighed in on the Ace-RSM exchange.
  • The Daley Gator "people are going to be looking at candidates who DO NOT fit the same old political mode." or mold.
  • Caffeinated Thoughts had a great roundup.
  • Brigette at Moralia quoted my "wait and see" response to Sarah, amidst interesting analysis of her own.
  • Fishersville Mike: Nobody Knows. The knowledge that Sarah does know has the Left hearing footsteps, which is at least entertaining.
  • The Mean 'Ol Meany linked the Don't Feed the Sharks post amidst a mediation upon how "swell" the 24 July Minimum Wage Increase is going to be. For "totally suck" values of "swell".
  • rightofcourse picked up the Most Ludicrous Reaction post.
  • I may concede Isabella's point on the Most Vile Reaction.
  • Pat in Shreveport gives the most vile to HuffPo via Pundit & Pundette
  • Jenn Q. Public concurred with RSM's assessment.
  • The Classic Liberal is on board with the No Shark Feeding suggestion.
  • Jimmie, on the other hand, advocates both barrels.
  • Carolyn Tackett has the last word:
    I also believe that if it is God’s will, Sarah will continue and become stronger. If it is His will, she will be President.
    About the only thing to add is that God remains in charge, even if His Will plays out otherwise. Thankfully.

The Obama Administration appears to be weathering IG Gate. For now.
  • Dad29 says "So if you haven't fired them, you just re-arrange their Patron, eh?". How cynical. It's almost like you can't trust the administration, or something.
  • Pat in Shreveport follows the IG Gate scandal. Deftly kept out of the mainstream media.
  • As always, WWU-AM remains your index of all things IG-Gate.

I'll be happy to be wrong on this one:
Stacy, Interweb Master of Romantic Intrigue, assumes credit for the Suderman-McArdle liason:
On the topic of intimate fitness:
  • Fear and Loathing in Georgetown:
    As is often the case when FLG gets a bunch of new visitors, the emails begin to arrive commenting on the odd mix of vaginas, vibrators, and profanity with posts about Aristotle and international affairs. FLG knows people find this weird. He thinks it is their problem.
  • The Constitution Club mis-attributes the Tatiana Kozhevnikova post to me. Call me a boring monogamist. I'm content that others are happy, without poring over these details.

Brooks floggin' is good bloggin':
  • Great title at Paco: "When Paving the Road to Hell, If You're Out of Good Intentions, You May Substitute Vain Pretensions". If you've only three letters for Brooks' opinions, recommend "Ass".
  • Obi's Sister takes a Cookie Monster route.
  • The Ordinary Gentlemen included the Brooks post in a roundup. Thanks, E.D.
  • Rational Review hat tipped us. Why a purportedly Libertarian Web Journal would quote the gentleman (Brooks) is unclear.
  • The Daley Gator revealed that Brooks is the "other white meat", AND gave him the inaugural Moral Retard Award. High praise indeed, if viewed while engaged in a headstand.

Mark Lux needs a Three Dimensional Loser Award:
  • Teach over at the Pirate's Cove picks up the response from Mike Lux at PuffHo. He, Mike Gibson, and I had taken Lux to task for making statements like
    Conservatives have always argued that tradition should be revered and change should be feared. They have always argued that too much democracy is a dangerous thing. They have always opposed expanding the idea of equality -- to blacks and women and the poor, to immigrants and migrant workers, now to LGBT individuals. They have always argued these things, and they still do. And progressives from Jefferson and Paine to those of today have always fought for more democracy, more equality of opportunity, more investment in regular people as opposed to giving everything to the elite and letting them run things.
    I find that too laughably trollish for my limited time. I will offer a moment of silence for the brain damage suffered by "all both" of the people who buy and read this man's "work".
  • On my personal short list, Morgan Freeberg echoed the disdain for Mark Lux's holiday hijack.

4th of July Roundups:
Miscellaneous shouts:
That concludes another FMJRA roundup. Oversights, cheers, jeers, and Rule 5 Sunday inputs go to Smitty.


  1. "Rational Review hat tipped us. Why a purportedly Libertarian Web Journal would quote the gentleman (Brooks) is unclear."

    1) Because our daily newsletter coves material "of interest to libertarians," not just "libertarian material."

    2) Because it was an opportunity to hat tip you -- love the FMJRA!

    Best regards,
    Tom Knapp
    Rational Review News Digest

  2. "Nearly narcissistic enough for POTUS, that one."

    Ouch! But she did screw up my post!

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