Sunday, July 5, 2009

Rule 5 Sunday

by Smitty

Rule 5 Sunday again. This blog maintains its dedication to supporting the admiration of beauty even in the face of the most relaxing holidays.
Hopefully, your Fourth of July was a time to reflect on those who've sacrificed, and those who'd render that sacrifice a collectivist mockery.
To work:
  • Three Beers Later leads us off with the Lady of the Hour posing amidst National Guardsmen. I used to say "dressed like salads", but these new digital cammies are wrecking my jape. TBL was also way out front with the Sarah Palin Runner's World pose. Let's not turn Rule 5 Sunday into the All Sarah Review, people. And then he chips in some latin dancing video. Is TBL just a nom de blog for Fausta?
  • Daley Gator accuses Marisol Nichols of being "absolutely adorable". Guilty.
  • Blogprof has a couple of links of note:
    • We'll focus on Megan Fox here, and pretend not to notice He Who Should Be Fired.
    • Then there's that great vegan/carnivore support group bit, which he uses as a cheap excuse to link Padme again. Celebrate cheap, as we say.
  • Skepticrats calls attention to Diane Lane. Streets of Fire? May have to check it out.
  • In other movie news, Donald Douglas points to The Stoning of Soraya M. and its star, Mozhan Marno. He also picks up Monique Stuart's Kate Perry slack.
  • In weather news, Kirbside found 13 female hurricanes that could be altering the humidity near you. The male names are skipped, which could pose a challenge for the female readership.
  • You know about our commitment to history. Tigerhawk points to a photographic history of the bikini at Slate, but we won't link directly, so that TH scores the traffic.
  • Saftey, too, cannot be understated. Or underdressed. Unless you're Air Kiwi.
  • Sports. The Blogprof's all on about Wimbledon. Deuce contributes a follow-up segment on Maria Sharapova.
  • Carol at No Sheeples Here brings an obituary. Karl Malden. I remember him most from Patton.
  • The WyBlog has some reporting on fireworks for your edification.
  • Here is a roundup of actresses who began as models.
  • Tea Party update: from St. Louis, Dana Loesch is both easy to pay attention to, and well spoken.
  • Troglopundit was in patriotic pinup mode.
  • Teach at Pirate's Cove continues his pinup tradition, as well.
  • Phillipe Ohlund reveals himself a Kate Ryan fan.
  • And the mighty Paco contributes another silver screen roundup.
  • Bob Belvedere at The Camp of the Saints has a nice soup-to-nuts, classics-to-guns roundup.
  • rightofcourse has the lovely on Miss Iraq.
  • Closer to home, Fishersville Mike features the new Miss Virginia.
  • Jeffords has some Jessica Simpson that never grows old, and some John Wayne that's immortal.

Not a bad outing for a holiday weekend. Keep the tasteful links coming to Smitty. Cheers!

Dave gives us an interview on Lady GaGa. Saftey tip: leave the pyrotechnic brassiere to trained professionals.
And, yeah, Dad29, Karl MALDEN: you star in that many good flicks, live to 97, have a 71 year(!) marriage, and we'll feature you in a Rule 5 post as well. Distinctive nose and all. ;)


  1. Umnnnhhhh.. Karl MALDEN on Rule 5 Day?

  2. My enjoyment of Patton was diminished somewhat after I learned that Omar Bradley was the big consultant for the movie, and he "shaded" things to make himself look better (and Patton look worse).

  3. @Calvin,
    You don't make flag rank without a nearly politician level of ruthlessness.

  4. My misunderstanding. I thought Rule Five had to do with pinups (or pushups)--babes, skin, all that.

    No argument with you over the qualities, both personal and professional, of Malden.

    He's not a pinup, however.

  5. We end up hopelessly XX heavy in the chromosome department. I gotta take the XY input I get.

  6. Thanks for the linkage, Smitty.

    What a man
    What a man
    What a might good man

    Linked to at:

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