Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Respectfully disagree with Mr. Hinderaker

by Smitty

As we've written more than once, voters tend to turn to the "outs" when they become fed up with the "ins." It appears that not too many voters were fed up with the Republicans because the party was too conservative. Nevertheless, there was enough dissatisfaction with Republican governance that the other guys got a shot.

I submit that the Tea Party movement may have a deeper root than sheer contrariness and wallet-voting. Consider the popularity of Goldberg's book, the resurgence of interest in Hayek, Sowell, and Rand.

Possibly I'm thinking wishfully, but it's my hope that the American people are waking up to the giant, bi-partisan, un-Constitutional scam that has been Progressivism. Not to say it's been entirely without value, but there is a crucial need for "We the People" to ask ourselves questions like:
  • How has the Sixteenth Amendment worked out?
  • The Federal Reserve, good news, bad news, who can say?
  • Just as we needed a Bill of Rights, is it time for a Bill of Federalism?


  1. Speaking for myself (and a few others with whom I spoke at two TeaParties)....

    It ain't taxes. It's both spending and Big Gummint--which are naturally followed by Big Taxes.

    IOW, it's entirely possible that the Feds (and many States) are "Too Big" and "Will Fail."

  2. @Dad29:
    The short-circuit in the Federalism chain of command afforded by Amendment 16 has been a pandora's box for Fed-meddling.
    Evil. Bad. Drag behind barn. Shoot.