Sunday, July 5, 2009

Don't feed the sharks

by Smitty

Gateway Pundit reports that Sarah Palin's legal counsel threatens to sue liberal blogs and the media for slandering the governor.
Andrew Sullivan has to be given free reign to compete for the Largest Buffoon in the History of Mankind award.
Recommend Sarah allow half an hour on Thursday afternoons for direct responses to baseless allegations. And let that response be laughter.
The rest of the time, respond indirectly to all of it with clear, Constitutionally-based foreign and domestic policy recommendations, speeches in support of non-Collectivist candidates, and the like.
Who the ____ wants to support a candidate who collects contributions and hands them over to the sharks for frivolous legal battles?

Think of Sarah as the balloon, and these attackers as a bunch of pussy cats:


  1. I agree. If you let people know that they get to you, you will only embolden them.

  2. I disagree and wish her the best of luck with her lawsuit. Accountability is always good, and I'd like to see more on the BSWWW.

  3. I lie is half-way around the world while truth is putting its boots on. Palin is right to go after those who falsely accuse her of criminal wrong-doing and being under federal investigation. She's been taking a lot of crap and ignoring it or simply denying it certainly wasn't getting her anywhere. Time for some serious push back. Sue the b*stards. They can put up or shut up.

  4. I disagree completely. It is FAR past time the Right stopped accepting this crap as status quo in politics and actually fought back against it. The filth and despicable tactics of the Left, Democrats and Mass Media are only going to get worse and worse and worse the more we on the Right shrug our shoulders at this stuff and accept their premises as this being "typical politics".

    No, it is now well past time to go on the offensive and stand up to the thugs and bullies. If not now, then when? If we never stand up to the bullies and thugs, they will simply get more emboldened.

    Personally, I have no respect for the GOP anymore, specifically because they are a bunch of pansies who never stand up for themselves and never stand up for the American people. They cower and wimper and give in to the Left's attack machine every gawdforsaken time. And I'm sick of it.

    The Left has become ever more emboldened to attack more and more and worse and worse over the last 10 years. This needs to end... NOW.

    If it doesn't, then we'll never take our country back from these despicable people.

  5. Libtards have been abusing free speech, abusing govt funds to harass conservatives, and have been suing the crap out of people to silence them. Fight back.

    If you are in a barfight and someone hits you with a chair, pick up a cue stick and crack their skull. Only sissies sit in the corner talking about keeping the higher ground.

  6. You are aware that the vastly more accurate analogy is that Palin is the cat, and the balloon is the presidency, right?

  7. Actually, given the history of false and frivolous ethics filings and blog posts, I think Palin might be able to meet the test of actual malice set forth in the Sullivan case.

    Is it worth a shot? You betcha!

  8. If she can find a lawyer to just keep dragging them into court like they have done to her, more power to her. Let's see how they like defending themselves against frivolous lawsuits.

  9. @Kn@ppster,
    You underscore my point beautifully, sir.

  10. Smitty,

    You've got a couple of points. I won't ask which one I underscore ;-)

  11. I also disagree. I watched John Boehner on Fox this morning sitting next to Steny Hoyer talking about the mess they inherited. FIGHT BACK! Were Democrats just innocent bystanders? Did they have no play in this mess? Quit taking all the blame and talking about looking forward. Stop letting them define the narrative. If I see one more Republican criticize Palin same blowhards let her CHILDREN be villified, then I throw YOU under the bus! Remember Michael Corleone yelling about his children? That is the attitude I want, not oh well, the girl WAS pregnant and the baby is disabled. NO, if you want to be taken seriously then get angry and defend those kids, your policies and your good name! Otherwise, you are as wimpy as any metrosexual elite progressive and who needs or wants you?

  12. I couldn't disagree more. I saw John Boehner on Fox this morning and he let Steny Hoyer say again about the mess they "inherited" Newsflash, Biden, Obama and a whole cast of Democrats were there when the wheels were set in motion for this financial collapse!FIGHT BACK!!! If I hear one more so called Conservative/Republican man criticize Palin while they stand ( stood) by while her CHILDREN were villified, then I throw you all under the bus! I want Michael Corleone yelling about "My children where they play in this room MY CHILDREN!", not wimpy elites who think, well the girl was pregnant and the baby is disabled. No, taking the higher ground has not worked because the left has no shame, morals or decency. Fight back and defend what you believe in or get under the bus!

  13. Smitty, I agree that actual litigation is, in the vast majority of cases, more trouble than it's worth. On the other hand, to the extent Mr. Van Flein's nastygram makes our lefty blogger friends go Pazuzu--correction, more Pazuzu than they currently are--I think it serves a useful purpose.

  14. The discovery process will be the interesting part.

  15. I think, some people underestimated Sarah Palin. They would never imagine she quit her job to become a private citizen with more opportunities to sue the attackers.

    I disagree that her decision is unwise.

    From my personal experience - I run a small online business. I have discovered that some of my competitors started posting defamatory information about my Co. and me on popular professional forums. I had two choices - ignore it or address it. Without help of a lawyer, I have managed to get those posts removed and deleted from the search engines results.

    Punish those who abusing our Freedom of Speech should be a priority for every and all citizens.

  16. Sorry for the nearly identical posts, I am new here and not sure of procedures. But I am totally fired up today! On the same Fox show, Mike Huchabee and Karl Rove and the "panel" were calling her a whiner, playing the victim, quitter etc. Juan Williams wondered what her "message" was. That is exactly why we need to ram the message home! Huckabee even had the nerve to compare the rough and tumble of Arkansas politics with what she has endured. He only wishes he had half the attention she has had. I used to respect Rove but he was there when the left atacked, attacked and attacked Bush some more. They never responded and we were left with an admirable man who made many mistakes but was chararcterized as a lying moron who ruined the country. These people can only win arguments when we give up the fight. That is how a joke like Al Franken can be seated in the Senate and innocent little special needs children are the subject of ridicule and horrible photo shops around the web to the laughter of the "important people"

  17. Sorry Smitty but I disagree. The reason they start these rumors against Palin is because, like the bogus ethics complaints, it’s free. Making an example out of one of them (Moore) will have a chilling effect. Yes, you will still get the ones who think they have big balls and will challenge you anyway, but it is far better to deal with one or two of those than an army of puny ankle bitters.

    Also keep in mind, that the onslaught against Palin, if not aggressively challenged, will become standard operating procedure against all conservative candidates in the future.