Saturday, April 11, 2009

Frankly Magesterial Juxtapositions Requiring Answers

By Smitty
Yet another Rule 2, Full Metal Jacket Reach Around Saturday. And the links just keep on comin':
  • Donald Douglas is a powerhouse. His blog fu is prolific, timely, potent, and most of all, links this blog in a classically liberal fashion.
    He had us smiling on:
  • Protein Wisdom continues as another big supporter.
  • The Troglopundit...(sigh)
    • He reveals he wants to be RSM when he grows up. Some think Stacy inspires strange loyalty because he has false teeth...with braces on them. I think it's because he has sideburns...behind his ears*.
    • He comes down rather heavily on Donald Douglas of American Power Blog, then assumes it's a Rule 4 play. I'm voting 'present' on this one.
    • He scores some pleasant Rule 5 on Yuri Fujikawa. Domo arigantoni to you, boss.
    • He is thankful for the Passive Pity-Lanche, as well.
      This post includes a reference to me (with a link) that is at least twice as complimentary as the very last thing a former girlfriend once said to me.
      Lance: your assignment is to digest this page of Lombardi quotes. I don't know what else I can do for you over HTTP.

    • *Paraphrase of a Steven Wright joke.
  • Paco Enterprises continues its staunch support of this blog.
    • Paco expresses some concern over the Paul Ryan profile. We need to get Paco to CPAC. I think this would remove the Ryan doubt, should the man deliver another speech as great as his last.
    • He also enjoyed the 'second-hand expertise' riff in the last Brooks fisking.
    • Finally, Paco linked this blog en route to piling on the vile Kos remarks about the latest mass murder tragedy.
  • There isn't a blogger we like more at ToM than Monique Stewart.
    • She starts off with noting Notre Dame won't hear a note from the TVM dames.
      Notre Dame has finally shut this production down, whether it was by the administration realizing they are a private Catholic institution and putting the smack down, or the students realizing this play is absurd and no one is interested in it, anymore. The shock has worn off.
      She sheaths the suggestion that they await a monologue Perhaps Only The Ultimate Satsifier (POTUS) can bring.
    • She also quoted the homeschooling post at length, not understading the left's commitment to recreational guilt.
    • Don't know who told her I'm a CZJ fan, but she came through in Rule 5 fasion. And she followed up her penchant for glamor with some Katy Perry today.
  • Northern Virginia's own Pundit and Pundette linked a couple of posts.
  • William Teach at The Pirates Cove picked us up twice.
  • The Blog Prof tapped us twice.
    • First, he added one to the new P.U.M.A.With a name like P.U.M.A., they'd better get the Cougar Den to advertise it (not quite SFW):
    • He also linked the POTUS Maximus cold open, without any further comment
  • Here's a new one on the radar: NOLI INSIPIENTIVM INVRIAS PATI ("Don't let the turkeys get you down"). I think the author is a she, and she she takes issue with Stacy on the education post:
    I disagree with RSMcCain that liberals are typically hypocrites. They don't harbor any cognitive dissonance if they don't practice what they preach. They feel that they are entitled to preach & it's the proletariat's job to do what they're told for the good of the commune, or be sent to re-education camps.
    My only response is an old Slashdot sig: VIRINE NON SVMVS DEVO SVMVS ("Are we no men? We are Devo"). Aside: LMAO
  • Ed Driscoll liked Stacy's blogging point of the other day, and includes a link to some mysterious "binky" who's far madder than I.
  • The Rhetorican is a neophyte in these parts, but welcome. There was a nod on the bipartisanship post, as well a healthy exchange on the Sub-Carter business. How weird to be in the position of defending that brace of knaves
  • KURU lounge has revived the link dump format. I subscribed in my Google Reader, based upon the strength of their review box. Going through, I noted that a poster named Chad there had a Slashdot link. On occasional Tuesdays there, I drop a Burma Shave troll.
  • Moe accuses Stacy of modesty. He keeps using that word. I do not think it means what he thinks that it means in Stacy's context.
  • Mark J. Goluskin over on the left coast understands unworkable ideas when he sees them. I miss the left coast. :(
  • Fishersville Mike, slightly geographically to my left, braved fashion doom on this very blog.
  • Over on The Purple Center, we made a link roundup.
  • The Track-a-'Crat also admires alliteration (and assuming assonance).
  • Stephen Gordon expanded on the David Weigel story about gun nuts. Not sure what's nutty about my admiration of the M1911, but, if you say so...
  • Eric Florack wonders aloud, Charles Johnson: Kool-Air Sampler? and quotes at length from the GOP extremeists post. As the Ancient Commenter observed, And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works--Hebr 10:24
  • We got a Rule 5 nod over at the Craig's Fencing Blog. Nice prise de fair, boss.
  • Great line from thePolitical Castaway on the topic of the North Korea response:
    The time has come for my teleprompter to put my foot down. And that foot is me.
    To which I'd add: "After they surgically remove it from my mouth."
  • A lady in Baltimore who's known as "Toaster Lover" (NTTAWWT) comes some agreement on a post concerning John Batchelor:
    the real problem with the GOP is that it never had to form a defining domestic policy.
    I'll opine that among the dangers of political parties is the demolition of Federalism. Sure, the GOP should have domestic policy suggestions, but differentiate between state and national, please. Otherwise, we become The United State, Quod Barack Demonstrat
  • You know you've arrived when Crooks and Liars notices you. At least they may have noticed. The story concerned gun control. I'm not sure this is about the same guy with whom I was at the karaoke bar the other night:
    Now, the dog-pee angle is in fact handy for one thing: It lets neo-Confederates like Robert Stacy McCain simply sneer at reportage pointing out the white-supremacy aspect of the story, in a futile effort to kick some sand to cover the scent.
    One falls short of speculation concerning what they've been drinking over there.
  • Larwyn included us on the Link Kersplosion. Thanks.
  • Grandpa John appreciated 'BTW, does this tinfoil hat make my butt look big?' at length.
  • Hayek Center takes RSM's take on "public intellectual" seriously.
  • Proof Positive liked the P.U.M.A. link. Nice logo. Aside: been there.
  • Rumblepak has a fine rant on Kos in the Rule 2 tradition. And we must boost the gain.
  • The Classic Liberal has begun a Moderate History of the GOP, and wonders if he, too has got a big bottom.
  • One Fine Jay picked up the post on internecine conflict
  • The Ordinary Gentlemen placed this blog alongside Red State for some left handed complementing:
    I can only hope that the conservative movement stays the course, and continues to run this thing into the ground. Total self-destruction is necessary for it to be replaced by any viable, honorable, or intellectual conservatism. Besides that, if I want a really good laugh from time to time, I can just visit a movement conservative blog or two. Nothing like some crazy to brighten your day. Now, if only they weren’t quite so predictable…
    Let's flog their 'about' page just a bit:
    The League of Ordinary Gentlemen is a group blog
    [Bunch of Guys Sitting Around Talking, 'BOGSAT'.]
    that hopes to bring a new style and sensibility to blogging.
    [So lost in nuance that they voted for Barack, one wonders.]
    The contributing writers hail from various points along the political spectrum,
    [Bunch of lefty infiltrators posing as 'moderates' to distract.]
    but all hold a deep and abiding commitment to the exploration of ideas outside the foray of rhetorical and ideological cul de sacs.
    [The foundational principles of conservativism are unshiny. Can't we have freedom on the cheap?]
    The entries are less posts than they are dialogues
    [To make our waffling drivel seem fresh and new, you know.]
    with an aim towards sustained discussion on topics and issues that lay at the foundations of our lives.
    [How can we sell watered-down Socialism?]
    This approach, we hope, will provide readers
    [Snotty rich kids from the Northeast.]
    with a thoughtful and searching alternative analysis.
    Plus, we think the name is pretty cool… and bowler hats never go out of style.
    [My bow tie collection can beat up your bowlers.]
    The big doughnut you get when you search for "Tea Party" on this blog tells the tale.
  • The Poligazette led off a linkmess with this blog. Great place to start.
  • Political Byline enjoyed the Stacy/Jimmy word trade on the tinfoil hats, without getting too cheeky about it.
  • Red State is worried about infiltrators next Wednesday. Me, not so much. A healthy turnout next Wednesday, an order of magnitude more on 04July... Contradictory to the Def Leppard Doctrine, it is not 'better to burn out than fade away'. The oppostion is going to pooh-pooh the Tax Day Tea Party as an idea that tried hard and lost part of itself in an accident. Patience.
  • Riehl World view gives a thumbs up on content, thumbs down on length. Troglopundit liked it. I'll confess to skimming.
  • Seymour Nuts responded to the American Spectator blog post with a mixed review. Gentlemen: 'Republican' is a term as monolithic as 'Christianity' (or 'Judaism' or 'Islam' or 'Buddhism, for that matter). You have to address a spectrum, or you will continue to have these yes-but-no exchanges.

Here endeth the browserbuster lesson. And remember the tip jar, or I won't get any leftover pizza. :(


  1. Smitty: I'm afraid you're laboring under a misapprehension, my dear fellow. I'm not at all "concerned" over the Ryan profile. He seems a capital sort of conservative. I'm just not sure if he will wind up being our answer to Obama - no reason to think he won't, and I'm perfectly happy if he is.

  2. Gentleman, you made my day by linking to my humble little blog. Thanks! Feelin' the love!

  3. Smitty1e, this is the most in-depth blog-relink I've ever seen. Hownell could you possibly keep that level of thankage, relinkage, and commentage going? You guys are setting the bar so high you'll never sleep again.

    Which begs the question, do bloggers sleep?

  4. Wow, I finaly noticed (a month later) that you took my blog's name in vain. ¡Mucho gracias! & yes, you guessed correctly, I am of the female persuasion.