Monday, April 6, 2009

'Is Suzanna Logan a lesbian?'

Got an e-mail yesterday:
That girl you introduced me to at CPAC .... is she really a lezbo? If so, what a waste of lipstick.
My reply:
No, she's not a lesbian. Perhaps you've misunderstood a joke.
His reply:
Phew. You'll have to explain the joke at some point. Is she in on it?
We'll let Suzanna explain all this. After she strips nude at the Tea Party in Richmond, Va., and Jello wrestles Monique Stuart (with right-wing lesbian Cynthia Yockey as the neutral, objective referee) for romantic rights to Jason "Big Sexy" Mattera.

Also, Ace of Spades has never actually killed any hobos that I personally know of.

How do these silly rumors get started? Maybe my close personal friend Terry McAuliffe could explain it. He'd probably blame the Brian Moran "smear machine."


  1. Also, bloggers won't NECESSARILY have bad luck if they don't link me at least once a week. But why chance it?

  2. Come on over and see why Suzanne will not have to strip on April 15.