Sunday, April 5, 2009

Entrepreneurial youth

One of my 16-year-old sons just said to me, "Guess how much money I made today? $250. And guess how long I worked? Six hours." He and a buddy contracted to do some yard work for a lady, clearing brush and trees and cleaning her gutters. She paid them $500.

"Dad, we cut down five trees. That would have cost her like $800. We gave her a great deal."

Capitalism lives!


  1. Did he get a permit to cut down those trees?

  2. Heck, for that kind of money maybe I could see your son about a job. Any more trees need picking up?

  3. insurance?
    workers comp?
    IRS reporting of the income?

    Sure, they can cheat and give the lady a good deal. I have done it.
    BUT realize it is not the same deal as the $800 job, IF a tree falls on a car, a person, etc.
    It is not Apples to apples....