Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Important Hope and Change Development

by Smitty

John over at The Purple Center has some Rule 5 for Ashley/Kirsten/Call-me-whatever-just-pay, as well as some Spitzer data.
Spitzer took his rehab campaign to the "Today" show where he couldn't manage to sound minimally contrite in answering Matt Lauer's questions about his sneaky expensive whoring. "I've tried to address these gremlins and confront them," he told Lauer. The "gremlins" made him do it!
Lo and behold: Spitzer managed to discuss his non-command of his wedding tackle without blaming George W. Bush! You say jackass, I say Progress!

1 comment:

  1. All I got to say: We still get random Google hits from the stuff I wrote about Spitzer's hooker months ago.

    Sex scandal = traffic.

    Please Democrats, screw around more.