Saturday, April 11, 2009

Helpless against the hobo menace!

When Dan Riehl first told me about this, I couldn't believe it:
Many more Marylanders would be eligible for hate crime protections under a bill gaining speed in the General Assembly.
The House of Delegates approved adding extra penalties Friday night for violent crimes against victims singled out because of age, gender, disability or because the person is homeless.
The statute already covers victims attacked because of race, religion, national origin or sexual orientation. (Emphasis added.)
Unilateral disarmament against vicious criminal hobos? Madness! Only one man can save us . . .



  1. Under Obama, sooner or later, we'll all be hobos and need this protection...

  2. @Dandapani,
    One step further: taxation is a hate crime! The law becomes Jörmungandr.

  3. And my question is what is the definition of homeless? The LAPD did a survey of the Skid Row denizens, and many have homes--but they hang out in Skid Row because that's where the drugs, food, aid is.