Monday, April 6, 2009

The TBoggolanche!

Welcome, moonbats! Remember: Hits is hits. Linky-hate is just as valuable as linky-love to the capitalist blogger and, having twice been nominated for Andrew Sullivan's prestigious "Malkin Award," I sure don't complain about linky-hate.

Now, TBogg told you that Rule 5 is about "giving wingnuts something to masturbate to," but in the spirit of bipartisan cooperation, here's something extra-sexy especially for TBogg readers!

And since the spirit of generosity requires me to do you such excellent favors, let me suggest three books you should read:
Y'all have fun!

1 comment:

  1. I checked in these wee hours and the place is just sloppin' over with teh love, man. Makes me want to stop showering or something.

    Which probably explains why this Rule 5 doesn't do much for me. I know it was difficult for you to choose -- beefcake or Hellen Thomas in a bikini -- so don't think I don't appreciate the effort.

    Lefty hits is all for the good.

    Groovy and peace!

    Not From TBoggo But Appreciatin' the Hell Out of The Fuzzies.