Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Campaign For Liberty official detained, harassed by TSA authorities

The Washington Times had the story of how Steve Bierfeldt was abused by federal airport security officials and here's the video of Judge Napolitano talking about it:

Napolitano is obviously a dangerous extremist kook.


  1. Napolitano is obviously a dangerous extremist kook.

    Ha! Lovin' the Stacy snark!

    There's a movement to draft him, by you know who...

  2. At first glance, this does not appear too bad: Guy with metal box containing lots of cash and checks gets a little extra attention from TSA, goes on to board plane, not a threat.

  3. Updated after listening to the recording he made listed on the original story: My opinion of TSA is much higher now. It is *amazing* that they did not lose their temper after listening to this idiot stalling and playing games (I suppose he was not the worst turkey they had talked with, which is scary).
    What is so hard about saying “I work for the Ron Paul campaign, these proceeds from bumper sticker sales and such, and are campaign contributions being transported to XYZ, I don’t know the exact amount because I have not had time to count it, but I believe it is around $x.xx according to the note clipped to the cash.”

    Rule #1: When taping yourself, try to sound intelligent and reasonable.
    Rule #2: When going thru TSA with large sums of cash, count and declare it.
    Rule #3: When dealing with people who are watching for bombs being slipped onto aircraft, don’t fiddle around with an electronic device when pulled for questioning. (that could have gone *so* wrong)
    Rule #4: For crying out loud, the Cops/TSA are on your side (mostly), don’t make life miserable for them. They’re trying to protect us from people who want to *kill* you, and you want to play word games with them? Some caution is advised, but sheesh!

    Enclosed please find one Dope Slap for the idiot and a pair of beers for the patient TSA agents.