Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Rare Pleasure of Defending BHO

by Smitty

I'm going to differ with The Rhetorican* on the "Sub-Carter" call. President Carter was a submariner, but I don't think the pun intentional. Also, like a prosecutor with a case in front of him, can we rip BHO for not commenting? There is nothing substandard about waiting for facts. This is crucial in a military context, where pronouncements may lead to an Operational Security (OPSEC) violation. The NYT already has that ball.
There are plenty of Constitutional rubber chickens with which to flog the POTUS. Piling on over real-world ops looks gratuitous.

On this topic, the Secretary of Chuckling sounds so definite about 'ending' piracy, just like we 'ended' it a couple hundred years ago with Morocco. At what frequencey of 'ending' do we give up the charade? Navies keep piracy down to a managable level for insurers. And that's about it.

(Hat Tip: Malkin)

*While improving literacy over the last attempt at linking this blog.


  1. Carter was not a Submarine Officer. He was a technical instructor that taught Officer and Enlisted students at Nuclear Power School.

    He never set foot on a nuclear submarine until he was President.

    Such statements are an insult to those of us who served in the Submarine Force.

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  3. @Michael,
    Your attention is drawn to wikipedia.
    Your point apparently holds true that he never served on a nuclear submarine. To say that he was not a submariner flies in the face of Jimmy's service in diesel-electric boats.
    To say:
    Such statements are an insult to those of us who served in the Submarine Force.
    is a bit over the top, don't you think?
    (And this is about as far as my Jimmy Carter Apologist Tour goes.)

  4. wow.
    I guess there are some adults in the right wing blogosphere after all...
    Of course, this post puts you in direct opposition to Rush on the pirate issue which puts you at risk of Rush never talking to you again.
    Kudos Smitty!
    Here's to intellectual honesty.