Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rule 5 Sunday, Slightly Early Edition

By Smitty
This post is going up just before Sunday. We're not hugely sanctimonious here. Every day is Christmas, every day is Easter, for all I care. Won't detail my actual Easter activities here, lest I sound immodest. Is that sufficient fluff? To the links:
  • Leading off, we have Monique Stewart going for the tasteful retro pose with Kate Perry.
  • Fausta has, for the ladies, an edgy meditation on chest hair. On a purely academic basis, one wonders about her Billy Mays policy.
  • The Physics Geek traces a linear trajectory through a trio of blonds. Physiques Geek?
  • Chris Muir's Day by Day helps us with scientific rationale surely as valid as anything fronted by a former Vice President:

    Day by Day rocks, but you knew that.
  • Pat in Shreveport contributes to the Hugh Jackman thing. An allusion to the Beatallica link here?. Remember: "hybrid children watch the sea" and beware!
  • The Troglopundit has some good clips. Padma remains a vision, Metallica is silly (they're great musicians, how about targeting a post-angst market?), but the jedi catfight makes it worthwhile.
  • Track-a-'Crat offers left-handed complements to a couple of blonds. One of whom triggers a dip into the Kristen Wiig locker:

  • Under the wire is the stalwart left coast American Power Blog, featuring Kristin Cavallari
  • Carol over at No Sheeples Here fancies some Brosnan, which was late, but she flattered me, and there's no doubt about what kind of man I am, though the price was low enough to compare with GM shares...
  • The Political Castaway drags in close to the see-you-next-week line. For some reason, he thinks an interest in Anna Rawson's athletic activities might be spiritually unhealthy. What's wrong with a bit of sport?

Blow up my email box with your Rule 5-age, here, and I'll queue you up.

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  1. The Physics Geek traces a linear trajectory through a trio of blonds.I believe that Rose is actually a brunette beneath the dye, but she is smokin' hot, regardless of hair color.