Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tea Party Crumpet Reversal

by Smitty

Roger Simon offers an important thought concerning next Wednesday's festivities
we used to spend a lot of time speculating who was the agent provocateur - read: FBI agent - at the demonstration. Usually we thought he was the most extreme character, the guy most obviously shredding his draft card in full view of the media while tossing a cherry bomb at an American flag already heavily doused in kerosene, maybe adding a little defecation into the mix.
The important thing to do here is think strategic while acting tactical.
Have a laugh. Do things in which you can take satisfaction. Eschew things that will require fifteen minutes of explanation for the grandchildren. Should someone preach violence against elected officials, shun them.
Remember, your name is Dennis, the Constitutional Peasant:
Cynthia Yockey comes through with the practical advice:
My advice as a former newspaper reporter is to obtain the name, phone number and e-mail address of anyone who wants to interview you, write it down and take their photo before you talk to them.

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