Sunday, April 5, 2009

Anyone Else Watch The SNL Cold Open?

by Smitty

Fred Armisen doing a better Barack than Barack (could the arrangement be made permanent?) was terrifying. It was supposed to be amusing, building upon the firing of Wagoner at GM last week.
The faux-POTUS goes down a list of companies like a Roman Emperor at the Colosseum deciding the fates of gladiators. One was expected to find humor in the delivery of the thumbs-up and thumbs-down verdicts on companies like Coke and Fruit-of-the-Loom.
One could appreciate Armisen's comic art for its own sake. I'm not saying it was a bad impression. I'm saying that the premise of the entire monologue left a very, very bad impression indeed, and fuels the need for everyone to oppose this effort to serve man with everything they've got.
I'll check Hulu for a clip later. *shudder*

a) Thanks for the cluebat on the spelling of BHO's first name.

Update II:
Underscoring the un-funny is Stuart Varney in WSJ. Hat tip:Let Freedom Ring.


  1. I want Hulu to upload this episode's clips NOW!!! I can't wait!!


  3. The worst part about SNL - which I NEVER watch, is that you read that their skits show Obama, Biden, Pelosi, et al. in an honest light that even Conservatives agree with - they are a bunch of bumbling crooks.

    Liberal Comedy shows know this, but they have a big laugh at themselves, and then vote the Dems back into power every election.

    Watching SNL and similar shows is the same as empowering SNL and similar shows. Not watching them drops their ratings and eventually takes them off the air.

  4. B A R A C K

    Is it so hard to spell the president's name correctly? Only six letters. Come on!

    ('Barak' is Ehud.)

  5. That is an awful "impression". Not a single pause or stutter from Uhhh-bama?

    The content was more frightening than the presentation -- though, in fairness, he did get the university thing right.