Tuesday, February 24, 2009

VodkaPundit drunksblog The Speech

On at 9 p.m.

UPDATE: Patrick Ruffini via Twitter:
"We will rebuild.... we will recover..." this sounds like a speech someone would give after 9/11 not an asset bubble.
Let's face it, trying to sound "Reaganesque" while pursuing a socialist economic agenda is not easy.

UPDATE II: I'm liking this Twitter thing. Here's Jimmie Bise of Sundries Shack:
The teleprompter reader is reading. And Congress is acting like pre-teen girls around The Jonas Brothers.
It's pathetic, isn't it?

UPDATE III: Soren Dayton on Twitter:
Wait. He wants more lending and less short cuts? Is he economically illiterate?
Uh . . . let's see, he was an undistinguished political science major at Columbia, got a law degree at Harvard. I've never heard the words "Hayek," "Mises" or "Friedman" escape his lips. What do you think?

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  1. Technically, my Tweet was a repeat of one written by Moxie (moxie.nu) who is a walking Rule 5 by the way.

    One of my originals: "Normally, the Holy One is flanked by Angels. Obama has to settle for the gargoyles Pelosi and Reid."