Thursday, February 26, 2009

CPAC Day One -- LIVE!

BUMPED, UPDATE 10:25: In his keynote address, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) just called for "sound money" -- evincing cheers from the Paulistas.

UPDATE 10:06 a.m. -- David Keene of the ACU just introduced Ed Feulner of the Heritage Foundation. Ed Morrisey is livechatting from Blogger's Row. The Omni Shoreham lobby is full of earnest young Paulistas handing out leaflets for Friday's Liberty Forum with Ron Paul and Andrew Napolitano. Will continue updating throughout the day . . .

UPDATE 10 a.m.: Just ran into Kelly Vlahos of The American Conservative, who's checking in and trying to resolve her own Wi-Fi issues. Also ran into Franklin Raff of Radio America, Orit Sklar (who ran Jews for Mitt in 2008), and radio hostess Martha Zoller. I've already gotten credentialed for the Victory Solutions VIP lounge.

PREVIOUSLY: I'm live from the Omni Shoreham, where I had breakfast this morning in the lobby with Ed Morrissey of Hot Air. Last night, I was hanging out with Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs, Stephen Green of VodkaPundit, investigative journalist Matthew Vadum, Ken Hanner of Human Events and Kirby Wilbur of KVI Radio.

Guess who I ran into in the lobby? John Ziegler, who didn't punch me in the nose, so I guess things are all right.

I'm having Internet connection issues that need to be fixed, so I'm writing this post from Internet Row in the Exhibition Hall. Please keep hitting the tip jar! Will have to solve the connection issue before full-time blogging can commence.


  1. Hey Robert have fun at CPAC!
    Keep an eye out for American Sheepdogs Rich Davis, and Midnight Blue Blogspot's illustrious Skye. These are gun loving bible toters from my neck of the woods in Southeastern PA!

  2. Hey, while you're there, can you tell Republicans and conservatives that *it is OK to criticize big govt. socialism.* Yes, it would be nice to have the proverbial positive alternative, but then again, the Contract With America wasn't unveiled until six weeks before the 1994 mid-terms.

    Basically, can you tell them to get some balls and to stop listening to wussies like Brooks, et al.?