Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar winners: 'Slumdog,' two hotties, dead guy, and Hollywood's most anti-American actor

(BUMPED; UPDATE) Hurray for Bollywood! Slumdog Millionaire takes eight -- count 'em 8! -- Oscars, none of them in the acting categories: Muy caliente Penelope Cruz got Best Supporting actress, room-temperature Heath Ledger got Best Supporting Actor, Sean Penn won Best Actor, and the Academy Award for Best Nude Actress went to Kate Winslet.

Sorry I didn't live-blog the ceremony but -- as Jules predicted -- the tedium was just too overpowering.

PREVIOUSLY: Jules Crittenden predicts utter ennui. And yet there is the Best Actress nomination for Kate Winslet, who has appeared nude in 10 films, beginning with Heavenly Creatures in 1994 and continuing through this year's Oscar-nominated turn in The Reader.

Which is to say that, on average, Kate's gotten nakies for the camera every 18 months since she turned 18. Is Jules trying to tell us he doesn't like Kate nakies? Or that he's bored with the whole kinky-Nazi genre? Or does he mean to tell us that Kate nakies is such a prohibitive favorite that there is no suspense?

Clarification is necessary. Meanwhile, if you want to clean up with late bets in Vegas, put your money on Victor Morton's choices. Because Victor is always right. Far right.

UPDATE: Donald Douglas picks Penelope Cruz for Best Supporting Actress (Rule 5 alert).

UPDATE II: Steve Mason picks 'em at Big Hollywood.

UPDATE III: Jules is liveblogging the Oscars. Also, I corrected the spelling of Winslet's name. (Why did I think it was 2 T's?)

UPDATE IV: Ed Morrissey has some Oscar gossip. Also, the ratings and ad revenue suck this year, and Noel Shepard has more.

UPDATE V: E-mail from my best source:
Yes, Kate is a prohibitive favorite to win, as a career Oscar ... though naturally the Academy not only is gonna honor her for a bad movie, but even the weaker of her two performances in December Oscarbaition releases this year (she was much better in REVOLUTIONARY CHOAD).
I think playing a Nazi helps you more than being naked (otherwise, Marisa Tomei would win every year).
UPDATE VI: Vox Day nurses a grudge:
I concluded very early on that the movie awards were a complete charade when the greatest movie in the history of film-making didn't win an Oscar for best movie. Since Star Wars was spurned by the Academy voters . . .
Via Memeorandum (Rule 3).

UPDATE VII: Mary Katharine Ham just Twittered:
Although, I will say that Daniel Craig is like a really sexy Mr. Potato Head.
No, I don't know what that means, either.


  1. Or he's just bored with Kate and is moving on to the next hollywood hottie..

  2. Althouse is liveblogging, so you might throw a link her way (don't know if that'd be "reciprocal," but she lights up the Sitemeter when she reaches-around).