Sunday, February 22, 2009

Shockingly 'Guilty'

"When a mainstream critic calls a book or movie outrageous, daring, shocking, or revolutionary, it usually means it's the same old boring stuff: someone bares his ass or curses out Jesus or attacks some vestige of decency or honor that's managed to survive the cultural locusts. It's all so groundbreaking you can hardly keep from snoring. But when someone like Ann comes along . . ."


  1. I bought a copy - great book! Highly recommended! Plus, it infuriates Liberals to see it on my desk at work - an added bonus!

  2. "But when someone like Ann comes along . . ."

    when someone like Ann comes along, who has nothing to say and shows it everytime she opens her wretched mouth,someone like Ann who's really a dude that looks like a lady, someone like Ann who has created a cult following among the simple minded dregs that really think she is looking out for them, someone like Ann who probably blew herself to the top of the Conservative food chain, someone like Ann who's tortured pronunciation of every goddam syllable belies the stupidity of her face...
    oh I could go on and on...
    When will she come out of the closet?

  3. Young 4Eyes..

    With the hate you project,

    when can the healing begin?