Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Chris Matthews: 'Oh, God'

Dissing Bobby Jindal:

I didn't like Jindal's speech, either, but then again, nobody's paying me a million a year to do TV news, either. And I didn't diss his speech before he ever opened his mouth.

UPDATE: Michael Calderone of the Politico says it sounded like Keith Olbermann, not Matthews, who said "Oh, God."


  1. Matthews is a hack, odd, because in the '90's he used to be a principled liberal...

    Even wrote that great book about Nixon and Kennedy and their personal relationship.

    For the record I like Jindal but it was off in so many ways, got better towards the end, but, frankly, it dissapointed me.

    It should have been our intrepid leader from the Artic, the FIRST Rep governor who denounced the stimulus, then Sanford and Jindal starting changing their tunes!

  2. Can you think of a better endorsement of Jindal than a negative review from Matthews and Olbermann? One is tempted towards uncharitable speculation about that pair.

  3. Racism!! (Somewhere, somehow...)

  4. Matthews must be clairvoyant because seems to me like alot of Cons were saying the same thing after Jindals speech.
    Stop hating because he beat you guys to the punch...

    And sending the clueless bimbo from the Yukon would have been just as fun--I mean, just as disastrous....