Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Are you offended yet?

"It's gotten to the point where the gatekeepers of the news walk so tepidly on the path of least resistance that a journalist can't even get a dirty joke in the newspaper."


  1. Is anybody not offended by the endless stream of death-porn offered up in lieu of facts and analysis on the cable news?
    The largest heist in human history was just carried off with scant real analysis in the media.
    Yet, let some poor three year old child die horribly,
    or some kid blow away some adults,
    or some attractive twenty something disappear, and we are treated to all of the pent-up investigative zeal that the media failed to afford the POTUS during the election cycle.
    Ted, Just Admit It...

  2. Why is that so surprising? Most papers won't take classified ads for firearms as won't craigslist. Sometimes their own agenda leads to their downfall. cool. Dirty jokes require a sense of humor. When was the last time you saw David Brooks laugh? Such droll publications are a bore to read, and it shows.