Monday, February 23, 2009

Striking a blow against American Zionist imperialism . . .

. . . by killing French schoolgirls.

Remember this the next time someone tells you that the only reason Muslims hate us is because of Israel, or because we're in Iraq, or because we're not sophisticated like the Europeans.

Why do they hate us? Because They Hate.


  1. I suppose being occupied doesn't, in fact, elicit any negative emotions in the occupied populations. I bet they're just dandy with having foreign soldiers patrol their streets; having to be forced into a ghettos; and treated like scum.

    Hatred can manifest itself in pretty vile ways.

    Believe me--if my country was occupied by foreigners, I would do everything in my power to kill as many of them as possible, to hurt them like they hurt us.

    That sentiment is universal. But we act surprised when Arab-Muslims lash out.

  2. Cody, you tool, get over your recto-cranial inversion long enough to understand that this was about Egyptian terrorists blowing up children at a French school in Egypt.

    Are the French "occupying" Egypt? No. But the French are not Muslims, therefore -- in the minds of the vicious monsters who committed this atrocity -- those children deserved to die.

    Your arrogance is equalled only by your ignorance.

  3. So the the French have never had their hands in the Arab cookie jar, pushing cookies around, smashing them to bits?

    You need to get over yourself, you arrogant bastard. You act as though "French school," "French history in the Middle-East," and "ethnic solidarity" are somehow independent events with no relation or means of interacting with the others.

    Oh, you're so outraged. I wonder how outraged you become when one of the Noble and True takes a potshot at innocent civilians.

  4. Where's the hook? Get this idiot off the Comment page. Seems he wandered off the DU reservation. His Moral Equivalency is sickening.

  5. Mr. McCain could censor my comments if he wishes; this is, after all, his blog. But why would he want to be a right-wing version of Brad DeLong?

    Besides, I actually like Mr. McCain's writings, and I will continue to read his work despite his insulting reply to my first comment.

    I understand that empathy tends to be a trait lacking in most modern conservatives. The Standard Conservative Narrative for Arabs and Muslims is that they are sub-human scum that only bring violence and despair to whichever populations they happen to be in close proximity to, like blacks. The narrative is convenient in that it arrests the build up of heat in the brain, allowing the so-called conservative to use the available cognitive resources for blaming the world's woes on crazy Islamists.

    And I know it's hard to accept, but I do consider myself a "conservative." But lately I have been reconsidering the term. You see, it's got a taint, a stigma attached to it that I don't like having attached to me. "Crazy Right-Winger" and "marauding Misesian" and "Gallivanting Gold Bug" are acceptable substitute, though I am partial to "Gallivanting Gold Bug."

  6. Cody, I've read enough of the Koran to understand the difference between fundamentalist Islam and fundamentalist Christianity. it's a whole 'nother fundamentalism -- in case you haven't noticed the relative scarcity of militant Methodists and paramilitary Presbyterians lately.

  7. Sorry, Mr. McCain. I don't buy it. Some of the most fundamentalist Arab-Muslims are some of the least violent and generous people you could meet--Bedouins. But last I have heard, Paris, New York, London, and etc. haven't been bombarded by hoards of Bedouin camel herders.

    Sincere Presbyterians and Methodists and Southern Baptists have not been subjected to the gross indignities that Palestinian Arab-Muslims (and Christians too; Christian Palis aren't fond of Israelis) have been subjected to by the Israelis, or the humiliating occupation many Iraqis have to live with. We can't say how the above religious denominations would act if some foreign aggressor came storming into their lands and started dictating how they should go about living. What sort of interesting terrorist organizations would form?

    The so called long war with militant, fundamentalist Islam is a relatively recent phenomenon. Israel's problems stem more from her own ineptitude than from selected suras from the Koran (NB this article on how Israel helped spawn Hamas; note Israel's heavy handed treatment of Shi'a Muslims in Lebanon in leading to the creation of Hezbollah). Russia's Chechen problem too was fairly secular in origin until the Wahabis gave the demoralized Chechen fighters revitalized hope.

    That's the issue, isn't it? Hope. It's not just about American elections. If you're a typical Muslim and you see your country as just a puppet of an infidel nation, that has to be humiliating. It must be like finding out your girl is cheating on you but there is nothing you can do about it. You have to live with the indignity. Fundamentalist Islam, it appears, gives the hopeless hope.

  8. As blogger Scaramouche likes to say:

    'It's the Islam, stupid!'

  9. I'm going have a t-shirt created that has in big, bold letters on the front, "I WAS CALLED A TOOL BY Mr. MILLION HITS." Everyone will know who I'm referring to.

  10. You could stop calling yourself a conservative, and simply call yourself 'afflicted with astimatism' and we wouldn't mind.