Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ouch! Ouch!

"Someday, when scholars are trying to fingerpoint the nadir of the post-Bush Republican Party, they may arrive at Jindal's speech tonight."
-- Thomas Schaller
Well, either that, or John Ziegler's blind date.


  1. I see tripe like that, and I'm left to wonder for what other prominent Republican hopeful the speaker carries water.
    Jindal's effort may not make the Top 100 Greatest Speeches Ever, but so what? If you didn't appreciate it, say nothing. Was Reagan's Eleventh Commandment: never speak ill of another Republican?
    Might be time to muster The R.I.N.O. Hunters' Lodge and regulate.

  2. Now that is completely exaggerated. It wasn´t great but did Jindal say anything, you know, WRONG? Not really.

    When Obama said that Japan had a lost decade because they didn´t spend enough (gov. debt is now 180% of GDP) it sounded great. It was also utter bullshit. That´s what I mean by WRONG. As in: inverting reality.