Sunday, February 22, 2009

Draft Schiff movement grows

Look at this "Draft Schiff" site, trying to recruit financial expert Peter Schiff as a Republican challenger to Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Corrupt) in 2010. Via Eric Dondero at Libertarian Republican, who's been following the Connecticut drumbeats.

This phenomenon, I would suggest, is why some hawks in the GOP were wrong to diss the Ron Paul movement as harshly as they did. Paul was always solid on economic issues -- much better than John McCain from a free-market perspective (or any other perspective, for that matter).

The Paulistas are jazzed on Schiff, and if you can knock out a Democratic kingpin like Dodd with a free-market guy like Schiff, anything else is gravy, baby. Crazy? It's exactly crazy enough to work. Shiff was one of the first to predict the collapse of the bubble, and now he's predicting the "stimulus" will lead to economic disaster.

Can you say, "libertarian populism"? Tea Party U.S.A.? With Congress pissing away borrowed money like there's no tomorrow, now is the time to fire up that hard-core Spirit of '94 message. If you want to argue foreign policy, fine -- let's do that after we return Chris Dodd to the private sector.


  1. I think what may make supporting Schiff a little difficult for some neoconservatives is that Schiff probably has the same foreign policy views as Paul. So, from a neocon perspective, the senate will get one more antiwar voice, which would be unacceptable, even if that means a voice that supports free markets and liberty.

  2. Is war so important to you, that you'd accept socialism in america so you can "feel" safer at night?
    It won't be very safe in america once poverty takes root.

    Let's fix our own home before we try to fix our neighbors.

  3. Cody, Schiff anti-war views will make him more palatable for CT voters, allowing him to actually run to the left of Dodd on foreign policy. All that will be left to debate then is economics, and I think we all know Schiff will destroy Dodd on that front.