Friday, February 27, 2009

VIDEO: Ziegler vs. Blumenthal

Thanks to James Joyner of Outside the Beltway for uploading this video.

Max Blumenthal was doing one of his video ambushes in the Omni Shoreham lobby at CPAC, and was confronted by documentary filmmaker John Ziegler. I just happened to be there with my camera when the argument started. I couldn't overhear much of what was said between them, but Ziegler was very angry, and his body language was very aggressive.

UPDATE 2/28: Savane was there, and I should note that, in a Friday night conversation with Ziegler, he said that it was Blumenthal, not he, who initiated the confrontation I captured on video. I didn't start rolling the video until after the confrontation began, and quit recording before it ended, so am in no position to say what did or did not happen, other than what's on the video. Frankly, I'm under such a fog of CPAC Syndrome (a state of severe sleep deprivation and sensory overload) that I would be unable to contradict anyone's account of events. So the video is what it is.

UPDATE: Donald Douglas has a good roundup of CPAC blogging.

UPDATE II: Some more exclusive videos from CPAC today, starting with Tom DeLay:

"People ask me if I hope [Obama's economic plan] is gonna fail. I tell 'em, I don't have to 'hope' anything. It's gonna fail."
-- Tom DeLay
(NOTE: Becky Banks of Students for Life asked me to take down her video until further editing can be done.)

John Munger of Imagine Arizona:

Thanks to Kerry Picket for uploading those last three videos.


  1. "I couldn't overhear much of what was said between them, but Ziegler was very angry, and his body language was very aggressive."

    Maybe it's all that pent-up sexual frustration on account of that he is not so smooth with the ladies.
    Or maybe he needs to come out of the closet already...

  2. FYI (in case anybody cares), that's me (Erik Svane) in the middle. Part of the "conversation" was about "The Path to 9/11" and how Blumenthal was saying that the movie was nothing but a right-wing conspiracy…

    As for Young 4-Eyes, thanks for confirming that whatever a conservative says or does or stands up for or opposes, you will always, in the final analysis, avoid arguments by reverting to caricatures, ad hominems, and other types of personal attacks…

  3. Max Blumenthal is a puerile ass.

    "This kind of juvenile harassment mirrors the interviewing tactics of the Nation’s Max Blumenthal, son of former Clinton aide
    Sidney Blumenthal, who similarly filmed his mocking interviews of convention goers to the 2007 Conservative Political Action
    Conference (CPAC)."

    From "The Democracy Alliance Does America," by Matthew Vadum and James Dellinger, Foundation Watch, Dec. 2008, available at

  4. Max was doing his typical liberal lefty gotcha thing — called "debate" — where members of (what I call) the smirk'n'snort crowd have no interest in what you say or think, or in getting to a profounder truth, but jump from one subject to another, trying to do nothing but trap you and trip you over, so they can revel in their scorn, in their ridicule, and in their ad hominems…

    FYI, the video starts with abortion and "baby-killers" and suddenly the subject switches to "The Path to 9/11", with Max Blumenthal claiming that ABC was right to censor the miniseries (for sale on DVD, that is), saying that every one of the people behind the production was nothing if not an unqualified fascist (or the equivalent thereof). I forgot what Todd Ziegler replied, but I pointed out the simple fact that the writer of the miniseries (Cyrus Nowrasteh) once wrote a movie for… Oliver Stone (!!!)