Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rule 5 Sunday

In obedience to Rule 5 of "How to Get a Million Hits on Your Blog," it's time to bring the hotness. With a big old hat-tip to Pirate's Cove Sunday pinup series, here is the infamous inaugural link list of shameless babe bloggers: Most bizarre contribution to Rule 5 Sunday? Bob Schieffer at

    Via Hot Air, where Allahpundit asks, "How did CBS beat Fox News to the punch on this? Don’t Andy Levy and Steve Doocy read this site?" Hey, Bob's got an eye for quality.

    Finally, of course, I must make my own contribution to the collection, with this photo of The Hottest Woman I Know:

    Yes, that's my lovely bride at age 27. She swears she's still only 29. She's inarguably still hot, however. And I'm sure I've got that 1990 swimsuit photo around here somewhere . . . Maybe next Sunday.

    UPDATE: Dan Collins of Protein Wisdom got the memo late, but he definitely got the memo.

    UPDATE II: The Jawas got the memo, too, but maybe Jawas can't read so good, so there's no random hotness there. Yet.

    UPDATE III: "Bring the hotness": The No. 1 cause of global warming from Conservatives4Palin. Also, Jules Crittenden predicts the Oscars.

    UPDATE IV: And, of course, Pirate's Cove brings the old-fashioned naughtiness. Think about that. You're about two Googles away from . . . well, anything. And yet those 1940s pinups are really so much more interesting, aren't they? Some fundamental principle of human nature must be involved. What is it?

    UPDATE V: Elder of Ziyon brings the Arab hotness, forcing me to retaliate with the ultimate "gee hottie." This is escalating out of control.

    UPDATE VI: Danica Patrick airbrushed?


    1. Your wife is hot, if you don't mind me saying. Of course, I have a hot wife too, so I'm good!

      Have a great Sunday!

    2. I like how Bob diverted the questioning to kick boxing at the end when he was otu of his league.

    3. Technically, my blog brings in the hotness every day

      by default

      if you know what I mean

    4. When Muccio mentioned her karate skills to Schieffer, I was reminded of former CNN anchoress Lynne Russell who was also a deputy sheriff in Fulton County, GA and a licensed private investigator.

    5. Thanks for the hat tip, RS!

      And, you're right, sex sells. I still get lots of hits for a silly post I did comparing Nancy Pelosi to a young Ali Landry, as well as Michelle Manhart (AF Sgt who posed nude in Playboy) and one about that chick from high School Musical who had the nude photo.

    6. Your wife is gorgeous.

      Thanks for the link. I've upgraded you to BFF status.

    7. Dan Collins pointed me in your direction. So, congratulations! on the 1 M figger.

      And the idea, Rule 5 Sunday?

      Priceless. I'm on board.

    8. You missed on the "Big Tits":

    9. For some reason the McCain boys could really attract the hotties! Yep shes a keeper, Stacy! How did you do it??