Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sixteen-year-old sex change

Tim Petras began hormone treatment at age 12 and recently became Kim Petras, the world's youngest post-operative transsexual:
The op -- carried out in secret last month -- was authorised after psychologists confirmed that Kim was "without doubt a girl in a boy's body."
(H/T: Right View from the Left Coast.) The appropriate pronoun? Oh, never mind. And what's a sex story without a media-approved "expert"?
Dr Bernd Meyenburg, who treats patients with identity disorders at the University of Frankfurt Hospital, said . . . "I was always against such operations on children so young but after seeing how happy one of my patients was and how well adjusted after returning from having the operation abroad while still a teenager - I realised that in some cases it is the right decision."
Thank you, Dr. Mengele! And I'm sure Steven Kotler is happy that "Tim/Kim" won't be contributing to overpopulation. Teen pregnancy? Not a problem. (Everybody go neuter yourselves in the name of ecology.)

Kim reportedly signed a record deal, and here is a video of the song "Last Forever":

Here is video of Kim answering blog questions:

Who can wait until Disney announces "The Kim Petras Show"? A role model for your children! Next: "Oprah"! "The View"! "Larry King Live"! . . . "Cabaret"? (Isn't there something kind of Weimar going on here?)

10. Won the lead role when the kindergarten staged its version of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show."

(Commenters can finish the list.)

UPDATE: Linked at AOSHQ headlines.

UPDATE Ii: Kim may not be the youngest for long. "Experts" have approved sex-change treatment for preteens.


  1. Knew from an early age what shoes went with what bag.

  2. Now that it's been established pre-teens can make even the most fundamental decisions about their sexuality, I'm gettin' me a 12 year old girlfriend and a honeymoon suite. Woo-hoo!
    On behalf of pedophiles world-wide...Thank You, Germany!

  3. Received a GI Joe Action Figure for a birthday present and he/she said Thank you for the Doll.

  4. I have to say my mind about sex change operations after reading the book Second Serve about Renee Richards who was a skilled eye surgeon and eventually a professional tennis player as a woman (there was also a movie based on the book with Vanessa Redgrave playing the part).

    I found it so amazing that someone who was so together professionally was so torn psychologically and so lonely because of being trapped in the body of a man when he knew he was really a woman.

    Of course this was decades ago when society was a lot less liberal. Anyway he did a lot of dangerous things because of his loneliness.

    I have to agree that it would be hard to give the green light to such operations for young children for how can you be sure they are sure, but I have great sympathy for the desperation the real cases suffer.

  5. Hm, Well I think all of you need to just get over it. First of all i think the media sticks it's nose into things that are really none of it's business. I mean look I think at 16 if someone has decided to make a life decision to become a woman, so be it. That's her decision and she will live with it. So I say good for her she is young beautiful and seems very talented and very well adjusted. but OH let's not focus on those things lets just be nasty, mean,and hateful..let's throw stones in glass houses... bunch of jerks.

  6. There is no good answer here.

    I have known two male-to-female transsexuals personally. Both were men over thirty, married, with children. Both were functional in their work lives; neither was drugged-out or alcoholic.

    Both of them told me they had always felt that way, that merely living as the "wrong sex" was an intolerable stress, and that the sex change was the only alternative to suicide.

    Both also made very homely and odd-looking women, due to being mature males.

    If a sex change is performed soon after puberty (or before a delayed puberty), the more convincing it is; that is, the subject will have less of the secondary characteristics of the "wrong" sex. This is a great benefit to those who are going down that road regardless.

    And there are children who insist from a young age that they are "really" the opposite gender and cannot be dissuaded, even by severe punishments.

    The problem is that about half of such children "grow out" of this phase and become normal, and so far, no one knows how to distinguish those children from the immutably transsexual.

    As I said, no good answer.

  7. Supposedly brain scans can show features typical of the opposite sex in truly transgendered persons. That might make a good qualifier or prerequisite test for these "obvious" cases, allowing the transition to be executed as early as is necessary for optimum results without the chance of it being "just a faze".