Monday, February 9, 2009


That's the phone number for Sen. Arlen Specter's Capitol office, and I'm sure he'd love to hear your reaction to his support of the Pelosi-Reid "stimulus" plan.

If you can't get through -- lots of people want to share the love with Specter nowadays -- you can also try these numbers:
  • 610-434-1444 (Allentown office)
  • 814-453-3010 (Erie office)
  • 717-782-3951 (Harrisburg office)
  • 215-597-7200 (Philadelphia office)
  • 412-644-3400 (Pittsburgh office)
  • 570-346-2006 (Scranton office)
  • 570-826-6265 (Wilkes-Barre office)
Three words: It Won't Work.
UPDATE: Sen. Jeff Sessions is pushing to get an amendment that would prohibit "stimulus" money from going to illegal aliens. How come Specter isn't supporting that? And who could possibly be against it?


  1. Done. I spoke with an actual person in the Pittsburg office*:

    "Yes, hello.

    I'm calling to urge Senator Specter please vote NAY on Barry's Big Boondoggle. Not only will it fail to revive the economy, I really don't think the Senator would want his legacy to be defined by a YAY! vote for European-style Socialism and an Inflationary Depression.

    Also, Bloomberg reported today that we are looking at $9.7 trillion on bailouts once all is said and done. If this doesn't stop, we will be going the way of the Weimar Republic.

    Thank you."

    *All the others were either busy of had full voicemail boxes.

  2. Love your Specter Obamacon, btw!

  3. I've attempted to call both his PA and DC offices and have been unable to contact anybody for roughly a week.