Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dan Riehl on 'mental masturbation'

Denouncing the intellectual preference for ideological debate over organized action:
The Obama flirtation only confirms a significant element which hasn't come of intellectual, or political age. (Intellectually so, unless you value thought purely for its own pursuit and not for some effective, ultimate result.) - otherwise defined as mental masturbation by us realistic folk. . . .
[S]top thinking so damned much. America is about doing (instinctively) that which is right, not over-thinking something so well thought out over two hundred years ago.
Dan is appealing to Burke's "men of untaught feelings," and expressing in great measure what I was trying to say in the immediate aftermath of the election: Don't Overthink It. Nominating a short, bald, grumpy, 73-year-old RINO was not a smart political move. Let's don't do that again. The Democrats just rammed through an unpopular $789 billion pork package with zero GOP votes in the House and only 3 RINOs in the Senate. Let's make the Dems regret that.

The KISS Principle: Keep It Simple, Stupid.


  1. Keep it Constitutional.
    This whole GOP/Dem thing is pure distraction: if you reduce running your country to a sporting competition, then Those Who Are Not Your Friends need only manage the rules of the sport.
    Knucklehead (your cousin) was going on during one of the presidential debates about fixing the housing market. He never raised important questions such as Why do moral hazards like Fanny and Freddie exist at the federal level of government in the first place?
    He had conceptually lost before opening his mouth.

  2. America's Government is being run by COMMUNISTS NOW !

    Scarry shit. Why do I think that we have a lot of closet communist in the house and senate ???

    Well, from reading all this BS looks like this is the road OBAMA has chosen.
    Sounds like everything he is doing. He even mentioned someone named Frank in his book who was a member on the communist party. READ ON BELOW.

    US communists, ever hopeful, say they're coming back
    Written by Matt Kennard

    After years in the wilderness, the Communist Party USA is giving itself a public relations and ideological makeover, and, with its new $1 million office, hopes to be running the US within 50 years.

    To its own surprise, the party has even found a connection to Democratic golden boy and presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama.

    In his autobiography, “Dreams of My Father,” Obama refers to a mentor named Frank, who was recently revealed to be Frank Marshall David, a poet and a CPUSA member.

    We Communists believe that socialism is the very best replacement for a capitalist system that has served its purpose, but no longer meets the needs and requirements of the great majority of our people.

    We believe that socialism USA will be built according to the traditions, history, culture and conditions of the United States. Thus, it will be different from any other socialist society in the world. It will be uniquely American.

    A New Era Begins
    By Sam Webb, National Chair, CPUSA (Communist Party Usa)
    Socialist Economics
    This man is a communist !
    Delahunt bill would end Cuba travel ban

  3. EXACTLY! When Ronald Reagan ran for president, there were three overwhelming themes. Cut taxes. Cut government. Beat the commies. And, he did the KISS formula. AND WON, twice!

  4. At least RINO McCain wouldn't have given us the pork filled, America killing $790B bill. And when I say American-killing, I mean this bill will destroy us. Obama-flation will wipe out the middle class, already increased social welfare spending will soar after the middle class fails and increased taxes on the rich will de-motivate our best and brighest.

  5. @RM:
    Nice counterfactual, but it's pure speculation.
    Senator McCain has been swimming in the DC pool for longer than the POTUS swam in that of Illinos.
    Can't do that for long before picking up a bit of a chife*.

    *definition #2

  6. RINOs and HippoPOTUS.

    I'm not sure that there's much to look forward to as long as the Republicans keep dithering like they did in 2008. Giuliani came on strong and faded. He and Thompson were both good candidates but neither seemed to have the health and energy to get through it, and I don't think McCain was running on much more than determination, certainly not on an articulate program.

    Bush just lost too many conservatives and libertarians