Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Obama Doctrine

Pre-emptive excuse-making:
[I]f the economy is still in trouble as the 2010 elections approach, Democrats will argue that eight years of Republican rule left the country in such awful shape that Democrats will need more time to clean up the mess. If unemployment is in the 7 percent to 9 percent range, they'll say, without their policies, it would have been 12 percent, or perhaps higher.
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  1. They can try all they want, but once this "stimulus" is signed into law, they will OWN the economy. In one fell swoop they will have done more reckless spending than was done in 8 years under the Bush administration.

  2. That's the exact thing that they always say in Romania, following the elections. We call it here „the bad government burden”.

  3. But the economy did fairly well right into 2007. Which means they need to explain how Bush managed in 7 years to:

    1) overcome the downturn he inherited plus the effects of 9/11
    2) get the economy going again from 2003 to 2007, unemployment sometimes under 5%
    3) and after all that, wreck it so comprehensively - and right after Democrats took control of the House and Senate after 2006 - that Obama needs two terms to get it going again.

    This also requires the belief that Bush personally ran the Fed and Wall Street (though he couldn´t convince them not to give money to Democrats - or was it part of the plan?).

    Whatta guy, that Bush. Freaking evil genius, getting poor Obama in such a tight spot. Where can we find another guy like him?