Monday, February 9, 2009

The salty-sweet taste of Hope

Take the "ournal" out of "journalism" and it's all over the faces of the White House press corps:
Chip Reid of CBS sounded like he wanted a job in the administration . . .
Yeah, let's hope there's some money in that "stimulus" for a fresh supply of knee pads for those tingly-legged reporters. This is the steamiest R-rated "honeymoon" in presidential history. Michelle Malkin:
President Obama’s lucky he didn’t slip and fall from the drool flood.
Oh, don't worry, the cult brides will clean up the mess, then fix their Dear Leader a pot of coffee and bake him some cupcakes with pink icing for Valentine's Day.


  1. wow, enter the "Twilight Zone" theme music.
    RS, one thing I enjoy about your blog is the somewhat distant, sardonic tone.
    But you're starting to sound like Hannity, man!
    I just hope you're able to blog from your bunker...

    And you think BO is doing the doom-saying around here?

  2. 4 eyes does bring the stupid, he's comparing a mid range recession, less than the 73-75 or 1981-83 one to the Great Depression. He's saying we'll never recover, and Robert is the panicky one Than again, just like Hoover turned a strong downturn into the Great Depression, through flawed tariff and other regulatory policies, he may ultimately sink us all.

  3. I can't even watch cable anymore. Seriously, those people do not inhabit the same planet I do. And Fox is no better. Their business channel is hosted by a bunch of frat/sorority goofballs who laugh at themselves all day, and when I flip over in the afternoon, I get former CNN-nut glenn beck's histrionics on the screen when obama's not pathetically bitchin' about Hannity or Rush.

    If it's not blogged or tweeted, it never happened!! And no, I did not watch any press conferences today. I remember bush being on TV every day with troops behind him for years and being covered live. It was annoying then, and it's really annoying to see mr. nose-in-the-air non-stop.

  4. narcisco....i've re-read my post and nowhere do I compare the great depression to the situation now.
    I don't know, buddy.
    Talk about bringing the stupid, looks like it was brought the moment your mother oozed you out.
    If you insist on regurgitating Limbaugh captrap about economic history then who's to take you seriously?
    Why don't you go back, hit the books and come back to me with some facts.
    Wait, here's one: Narcisco is a first-class moron.
    Let that sink in for a minute....

  5. Most importantly, Young 4-Eyes isn't angry.

  6. No kl, just having alot of fun....
    at your expense....