Monday, February 9, 2009


Russ "Mugger" Smith takes down the NYC mayor's "tone-deaf politics":
It takes a lot in 2009 to drop your jaw upon looking at the front page of a newspaper -- one now fairly shrugs at the laundry list of crippling economic news -- but last Friday, a particular New York Times story leapt out as if it were headlined in neon: "Bloomberg Campaigners Taste the High Life." . . .
[Y]ou have to marvel at Bloomberg's outlandish and arrogant demonstration of tone-deaf politics, considering that as he grapples with a $4 billion deficit by laying off cops and education employees, raising the city sales tax, trimming health care packages for NYC workers and imposing regressive taxes on items like bottles of soda, lottery tickets and cab rides, he's running for a third term as if the country and his city were in the midst of unparalleled prosperity. When asked by a Times reporter whether his projected $80 million reelection campaign was excessive, Bloomberg grew testy, responding, "I don't understand your question. I am not going to talk about the campaign… I think it's one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard."
Read the whole brutal thing.

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